Special weekend

Happy Friday! I have some free time and it is an easy pace for me! Super Bowl LI is coming soon on this Sunday. I am so looking forward to it, since Atlanta Falcons finally enter the Super Bowl and will play against New England Patriots. The last time Atlanta Falcons played in Super Bowl was in 1998. But I’m a true fan of New York Giants, by the way.I will be going to my friend’s house for a Super Bowl Party.

College Activities Board (CAB) is student-run organization and also one of several Major Student Organization (MSO) at RIT. CAB will host a Super Bowl Party as well and provide free t-shirts and pizza/beverages. It’s a very deaf-friendly and social event. In addition, this weekend my friends and I will go to the Chocolate on Ice event, one of RIT’s annual and most popular events. There are a variety kind of candies with chocolate provided by different clubs and organizations. A popular dessert is the fondue of the chocolate with strawberries. It’s a delicious dessert. My best memory of this event was an MSO-created activity that was called “chocolate mustache” or “beard.” Students had to literally paint mustaches or beards on their faces with chocolate, and then take a picture of each group or individual participants. This was a fun activity. An additional activity at this event  includes ice skating. I had a blast there. This year, Latin American Deaf Club (LADC) will have a table and serve a Spanish dessert called Choco-banano.

This month, I am celebrating Latin Americans with African descendant, which is called Afro-Latinx on Black History. I learned the fact that a black and male indigenous in Mexico once became Emperor of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán (within Mexico City). His name was Moctezuma II (from 1466- June 1520). He was the ninth emperor and last one of the Aztec empire before the Spanish conquest. This is an interesting piece of information in Afro-Latinx history! Clubs and organizations host many activities in February to celebrate Black History.

“Identity and dignity are the noble treasure in moral value”. Ciao 🙂

About Franly

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: New York, New York 

Clubs/Activities: Coach for Deaf Basketball Association (DBA) 

Hobbies/Interests: Watch TV and read books regarding cultural history. I also like to be outdoors. 

What I Like Best About RIT: Plenty of haunted houses around RIT. 

Favorite T.V Show: "The Walking Dead," "Fear of the Walking Dead," "Bar Rescue," "Codename: Kids Next Door," "Supernatural," "Ed 'n Eddie," "Dexter's Laboratory," "Tom and Jerry," "Powerpuff Girls" and "Courage the Cowardly Dog." 

Fun Fact About Me: I love Halloween themes and snow.  

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