Starting your college semester on the right foot!

Hey there, Tigers!

For some students, it may be a semester of first- and trying to find a sense of stability along with being away from close family and friends. For others, a new semester also means being one step closer to the ULTIMATE college goal: GRADUATION! Whichever struggle you find yourself facing, here are a few guidelines to get your college semester on the right foot!

1.) Make your mornings more successful and productive

  • Create a visual reminder of your larger goals; it can even be on your desktop/phone background. Having that little reminder can spark motivation in you like you wouldn’t believe!
  • Wake up 15-30 minutes earlier each day. Time-management is a huge piece to the puzzle.
  • Preparation is the key to success in anything, but especially when it comes to college life.

2.) Find time for school in your everyday task

  • Having your notes out while brushing your teeth or drying your hair gets your brain started for the day! Even in between commercials can really help you stick to what you learned during lecture earlier that day.
  • Have your “To-Do-List” written out and not your “Want-To-Do-List.”
  • Don’t set yourself up for failure. Be productive, but don’t kill yourself.

3.) Develop a great self-care practice

  • “Treat yo’self” by treating yourself with a simple cookie or a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe!
  • Spend time outside. There’s something about nature that does something that nothing else quite can!
  • Spend time by yourself. Taking the time to read a book or taking a longer shower than usual can really do wonders in order to feel more balanced. Sometimes the best investment in yourself is to just simply shut out the world in order to regain some balance.

4.) Set goals and achieve them regularly!

  • Create your goals and list them out at least 3-5 steps you can take to make that goal a reality.
  • Never settle for just average. Don’t be afraid to dream big! I’m talking about goals that you actually have written down, and not just in your head.

Speaking of dreaming big, I actually just went on my very first Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic for Christmas break to help with the kids at Hato Mayor School for the Deaf. Being a girl who is brought up in a small town and having the desire to travel and get out of a small town is borderline unheard of. I told myself that it’s hard to grow your faith inside of your comfort zone.

So #go, and off I went.

Here are some snaps that a very close friend of mine, David Brotzman, took. I hope these photos leave a huge smile on your face, as it did for me. Enjoy! 🙂

Much love! Xoxo,

Kelly Jo Hilleshiem


About Kelly Jo

Major: Marketing Hometown: Columbia City, Indiana Why I chose RIT: I grew up going to a public school, and was the only deaf girl out of the 400 students in my class. I loved the idea that at RIT I’d get the best of both worlds—hearing and deaf—and get the access services I needed. Choosing RIT was definitely one of the best decisions I've made! Clubs/Activities: I am a member of the Brick City Crossfit club. We tend to meet for an hour three times a week. I also enjoy going to the gymnastics club twice a week. I was a cheerleader/dancer my whole life, so attending gymnastics club definitely brings back great old memories! Hobbies/Interests: I am currently a fashion blogger for “That's So Fashionating.” My two yorkie-poos, Miley Jo and Max, mean the world to me! I enjoy taking them to the dog park. I also enjoy running and doing crossfit. What I like best about RIT: The entire RIT community accepts me for who I am. Everyone is very open minded and accepting with the deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Favorite T.V. Shows: “Project Runway” is by far my favorite T.V. show. Tim Gunn is my legend! Fun fact about me: I'm a vegan!

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