Summer Plans

Hey everyone again,

These last two weeks have been hectic! Everything from on-campus events to just catching up in some classes has been happening. While I’m excited that there’s only a few more weeks of school, I will definitely miss all my friends here at school.

This last weekend was definitely busy for RIT. There was Imagine RIT, ColorRun, and even the Residence Life End-of-the-Year Banquet. While I did not run in the ColorRun, all the pictures I have seen so far are awesome. I was able to be a part of the end-of-the-year banquet as an RA and it was a good celebration to show everything we, as a group, had done this year.

While it has been raining the past few days, I am definitely excited for more warm weather. If I don’t get it here in Rochester soon, I will definitely get it back home in Maryland. That brings me to my new summer plans. Recently, I was under the assumption that I would go home and work until fall. However, I have recently accepted a counselor position at Camp Mark Seven’s KODA (Kid of Deaf Adults) Camp. As a kid, I went to KODA Camp for about eight years, and it has a special part in my heart. Now that I’m older, I have the opportunity to give back to the camp that gave me so much, and let me tell you, I am very excited! It’ll be five weeks in the middle of the summer, where I get to connect with old friends, as well make new friends along the way. I will be counting down the days until it starts for sure!

But as for right now, that’s all from me. I’ll talk to you all in two weeks time.


About Michael

Major: American Sign Language-English Interpretation

Hometown: Frederick, Md.

Why I chose RIT: RIT has a rich community, and offers many activities and opportunities for me to get involved.

Clubs/Activities: Member of RIT Club Soccer Team and student worker for Residence Life.

Hobbies/Interests: I love playing and watching soccer as well as hanging out with my friends.

What I like best about RIT: Making lots of friends is so easy here.

Favorite T.V. Shows: “Avatar” and “Teen Titans.”

Fun fact about me: I’m a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult)

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