Job Hunting

It’s hard to believe it’s actually November already. It feels like I’ve just begun school, only to be nearly done instead! Right now I’m trying to pass my classes and complete all these crazy projects while being active in the community! Meanwhile in football, my Seahawks are 10-1, and I’ve enjoyed following them on Sundays despite a few scares. When the games are too close, I just can’t focus on my homework, so I have to watch them finish the game before I can think about anything else. Next up, they’re going to play the Saints on Monday Night Football next week so that’s a game I can’t miss (and I’ll be sure to do all my homework before too, just in case)!

Last week, I had the opportunity to go visit a company in Pittsburgh with the NTID Center of Employment. It was a great experience as a group of us got to tour the company, Highmark and meet some of the employees there. It was a priceless experience and the view was one nobody should ever complain about! Check out the sights!BZIRawxCUAAdifA

I’m also a huge baseball fan so being able to see PNC Park was a huge bonus for me. After the trip, I learned a lot and now I’m putting that straight to work as I continue my job hunt. The great thing is that the NTID Center of Employment here at RIT is really supportive and they’re one of the reasons why the “job within a year of graduation” rate here is impressive!

With all this craziness with school, I’m going to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving break more! For this Black Friday, I’m going to finally visit Niagara Falls and check out the sights there instead of waiting at 10 P.M. outside of Best Buy like last year! What are your plans for the break?