The Difference Between High School and College Sports

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Since I last posted on here, I’ve been pretty busy with school and trying to balance two different part-time jobs (NTID Student-Athlete Liaison and NTID Ambassador) while taking on a full-time college coursework and training for my second professional season. I’ve been thinking about a couple things, and I took a brief trip down memory lane during one of my workouts and realized how big of a difference playing HS and college ball was.

College sports is a whole new world.

You’re a hotshot athlete, with All-State honors and/or All-Conference honors, and you show up to college…you’re just one of the 30 something guys on the team who are also All-State/Conference athletes, even All-Americans. You have to check your ego at the door, because there are guys who are extremely talented, and they will push you to your limits and beyond as an athlete. You will be humbled.

College sports will own your life.

It might sound a little extreme, but it’s true. College sports is a big commitment, you commit to working out at odd hours of the day, being around your team, going to all these meetings, practicing with the team and so on. It will be tough, but the success and pride of being on a team makes every single thing worthwhile.

College sports will help you become who you want to be.

A lot of people go off to college to “soul search” as they go through their years. But for student-athletes, sports and being a top-notch student athlete will grab their souls. Student athletes will find themselves in situations where they are mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted, and their inner champions will come out. I had this unique “revelation” around my sophomore year, I thought I was at my limits, and then realized that I was only getting started. It really changed how I look at things, how I operate, and pursue my goals. So far, my experience as an athlete here at RIT has completely transformed my “High School Self” into something bigger and better and more prepared for the real world.

Sorry if I sounded a little intense, but that was what went through my head recently. Until then, I hope you all have a great week!


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