Week 4 already?

Hi everyone! It’s week 4 and the semester is in full swing. It’s amazing how time flies for us busy college students. As my time at RIT draws to a close, I think back on my almost 4 years here with a lot of nostalgia, while simultaneously looking forward to graduate school with a lot of excitement. I just found out last week that I was accepted into Northeastern University to pursue a master of science in global studies and international relations. I’m happy to have the political science foundation that I have received here at RIT. It’ll be a good bedrock of information and knowledge going into my future program.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at RIT thus far and aim to make the most of my final semester. Whether it’s in class, or at lunch with my friends, I’m happy with how this semester is unfolding. I’m looking forward to April, when RIT hosts several Open Houses for prospective students. I greatly enjoy talking with people and am excited to show people who were in my position 4 years ago why RIT is such a great place.

Some words of advice for prospective students: come visit RIT with an open mind. When I first came to visit, I liked it, but I didn’t love it the way I do now. I saw the potential that RIT had to offer however, and decided to make that leap and come here. Now that I’m here and have been here for almost 4 years, I wouldn’t change a thing. The RIT community is a warm and welcoming one to all people. I was also struck by the way professors paid attention to us–I had this image of professors being aloof or holier-than-thou, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a lot of misconceptions about college, and RIT shattered all of them for me. One final note: college is said to be some of the best years of your life–and that has certainly been the case for me.

About Forrest

Hometown: Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Major: Political Science

Clubs/Activities: I was selected to be a participant in RIT's Annual Political Science Convention, where I presented a research paper. I also assist at Open House. 

Hobbies/Interests: I absolutely love to travel. I also enjoy discussing politics and international affairs, writing, cooking and doing outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and kayaking. 

What I Like Best About RIT: I have found RIT to be a particularly inclusive and diverse community. Having a large deaf and hard-of-hearing population, along with students from all over the world is what makes RIT so unique and open to everybody. Being deaf myself, I have felt at home here at RIT. 

Favorite T.V Show: "The Blacklist" 

Fun Fact About Me: I wasn't always named Forrest. I changed my name when I was 8 years old, and changed it legally when I was 16. 

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