American Sign Language and Interpreting Education

About the Department

Sign language interpreting is a fascinating, challenging and rapidly expanding field that offers an endless variety of opportunities and rich linguistic and cultural experiences. With more than 1,200 Deaf and hard-of-hearing students and 17,000 hearing students on campus, and more than 100 Deaf and hard-of-hearing faculty and staff members, RIT provides you with a unique environment and excellent opportunities to increase your knowledge of cultures and enhance your English, American Sign Language and interpreting skills.

Latest News

  • 9/22/2017

    Daniel Maffia, a lecturer in the Department of American Sign Language and Interpreting Education, is co-author of a recently published book titled, "Introduction to VRS Interpreting: A Curriculum Gude." The curriculum guide provides educators with a valuable tool for teaching interpreting students about work in video relay service (VRS) and video remote interpreting (VRI) settings.The curriculum guide also gives readers access to a host of online tools, including additional curriculum information, as well as downloadable lesson plans and slideshow presentations.

    All proceeds from the sale of this curriculum are donated to non-profit organizations or charities that benefit the Deaf community.