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How to represent your program

January 26, 2017

Oftentimes when you become a part of a varsity intercollegiate athletic program, you’ll be tied to them forever. Whenever someone brought my name up, “the baseball player” always followed my first name.

On Rochester Institute of Technology’s campus, you become connected with an athletic program, you’ll be bound to them all the way through graduation. You will be a representative of the program, whether you like it or not. So here’s how you can represent your program the best you can.

Dress properly.

This sounds a little silly, but dressing up a little more than sweatpants and a sweatshirt will catch people’s attention. I’m not suggesting you go out and grab a few three-piece suits, but be more proper. You don’t want to show up to class looking like you literally rolled out of bed (we all have done that at some point, though), nor looking lousy. Ask any leaders of any athletic programs, they all will tell you that being well put together makes a big statement on campus.

Show up to class early. Sit in the front row.

Some of the best coaches and athletic programs tend to be known for having the athletes sit up front in the classroom. Showing up early is showing up on time. This will make a statement to the faculty and staff that you’re here to take care of business. You might be cross-eyed from the 6:00 a.m. weightlifting session with Bryonne, but the fact that you still put in the effort to show up and give as much attention you can, will resonate with the faculty.

Be respectful.

You’re representing your program everywhere you go. More often than not, athletes are recognized around campus compared to others. You might not know some of your peers but they might know you. If you behave yourself, show manners, and treat everyone as nicely as you can…people will not only respect you, but respect your teammates because they believe that the team culture operates just the same as you do.

Please keep these pointers in mind as you go about your daily business. Put on a pair of jeans and a button down, say thank you to Jill the barista at Artesano, and show up to class on time. You’ll have many people in your corner as you chase your greatness.