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Win, Dance, Repeat

April 24, 2017

As a Boston native, I’m always keeping tabs on the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Last year, the outfielders really got the fans going with the “Win, Dance, Repeat” celebration ritual, where they met in the outfield and did a dance sequence together. The internet caught on, and with every Sox victory, people were excited to see what was going to happen next. The players were enjoying themselves. They made winning a whole lot more fun!

How do we utilize the concept of this to improve team dynamics among deaf and hearing student-athletes?

This doesn’t mean the athletes all should come up with a dance move, but this can be turned into a handshake or something similar. The process of coming up with a handshake requires communication, practice, patience and creativity…all the necessities to develop a great relationship in face of a language barrier.

What are the effects of that?

There are articles out there that support the notion of physical touch helping to improve your relationship with fellow teammates and such. It doesn’t have to be a full blown embrace, but simply a handshake will work. The more you do the handshakes with your teammates, the more chances are that you are going to be BFFs with them at some point! Why do you think the Red Sox kept employing the Win, Dance, Repeat thing?

It’ll take time though…

Remember the viral video of a schoolteacher doing personalized handshakes with his students? The results were phenomenal. But, that took time! You have a full team of people to build relationships with, and with that comes a bunch of handshakes to remember and master! It’ll take time. Make the handshakes mean something, maybe an inside joke, or a certain quirk that you both share, and so on. Think hard about that, and brainstorm it with your teammates. And then…have fun!