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Victoria Covell
Victoria Covell photo, hair in braids, wearing orange RIT jersey, with sneakers tied and hanging from around her neck

Sport/Position: Cross Country

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Bio-Medical Sciences

Why did you pick RIT/NTID? I picked RIT/NTID because of both worlds—hearing and deaf world where I can feel like home.

Hobbies/ interest outside of activities: Dance

What is the best part about being here as RIT/NTID student athlete? The best part about being here as an RIT/NTID student athlete is to be able to show my love for my sport and meet others who feel the same. I also appreciate the great amount of support I get from staff, friends, coaches and interpreters, especially when I am so far from home.

Favorite on-campus food spot: Brick City

Where do you do your homework? Anywhere. I don’t like staying in the same place for too long.

What’s your life motto? “Deaf can do anything except hear.”