Hearing testing, hearing aids, cochlear implants, and more

You can have your hearing tested, purchase new hearing aids, try the latest in assistive listening technology, and schedule consultations, high-tech services and support for cochlear implants and more right here on the RIT campus.

  • In the Audiology Clinic, located on the third floor in the Lyndon Baines Johnson Building, you can find the services you need related to hearing testing and hearing aids.
  • Cochlear Implant Clinic: If you have a cochlear implant or are thinking about one, cochlear implant specialists can supply you with consumer information, information about communication instruction for CI users, mapping services and information about educational and social activities for CI users.
  • The Eye and Ear Clinic offers you eye and ear exams by medical specialists, and the clinic staff can help you get medications, special diagnostic testing, glasses and more.
  • Hearing Aid Shop staff can schedule appointments for you for hearing and hearing aid services, and you can buy batteries, have earmolds made, and have your hearing aids repaired without ever leaving campus.