Appointments for audiological services, including ENT and eye examinations, are scheduled through the NTID Hearing Aid Shop (LBJ-3130; Phone 475-6473 Voice/TTY). Appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. For services that require a fee (i.e. Hearing Aid Evaluations), payment is due at the time of scheduling.

When arranging an appointment, please have your class/work schedule on hand.


The Audiology Center (formerly the Hearing Aid Shop) staff coordinate scheduling of all speech, audiology and Eye & Ear Clinic appointments for on-campus audiology, hearing aid and cochlear implant services to members of the RIT Community.

The Communication Studies and Services Department members provide a wide range of services to the broader community including:

  • Earmold and ITE hearing aid impressions
  • Earmold modification and tube replacement
  • Sale of batteries, testers, and assistive devices
  • On-call audiologists
  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Loaner hearing aids
  • Free computer analysis of hearing aids
  • Sale of cochlear implant replacement parts
  • Custom ear protectors and swim plugs

On-Call Audiologist 
NTID Communication Studies and Services faculty are available in the Hearing Aid Shop for several hours each weekday to answer your audiological questions. No appointment is necessary.

Hearing Aids 
The Hearing Aid Program focuses on providing hearing aids to full time students who depend upon the use of amplification in curricular and co-curricular activites, as they pursue their chosen academic degree option. Hearing aids are also available for other members of the RIT Community.

For further information about the services offered through the Audiology Center, please contact: 
Wendy DiMatteo 
Hearing Aid Shop Technician 
(585) 475-6473 V/TTY 
(585) 475-7910 Fax