Appointments for on-campus audiological services as well as ENT and eye examinations (for students only) are scheduled in The Shop at the Audiology Center (LBJ-3130; Phone 475-6473 Voice).

When arranging an appointment, please have your class/work schedule available.  Appointments are popular, so please be sure to book an appointment promptly as needs arise.


Walk-In Technical Support 
There is a technician available during The Shop's open business hours throughout the academic year.     

The following technical support services can be provided in The Shop on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Basic troubleshooting of cochlear implants and hearing aids
  • Earmold modification and tube replacement
  • Sale of batteries, testers, and assistive devices
  • Sale of cochlear implant replacement parts

On-Call Audiology Support 
NTID Communication Studies and Services audiologists are available in The Shop for several hours each week to answer your audiological questions. No appointment is necessary.  On-call schedules vary each semester and are posted online and outside the Shop window.

In addition to walk-in technical support, on-call audiologists can also provide the following services in The Shop:

  • Extensive troubleshooting of cochlear implants and hearing aids
  • Programming of loaner hearing aids
  • Pairing of accessories to cochlear implants and hearing aids
  • Impressions for earmolds, ITE hearing aids, custom ear protectors, and swim plugs

For further information about the services offered through the Audiology Center, please contact: 
Wendy DiMatteo 
Audiology Technician 
(585) 475-6473 V
(585) 475-7910 Fax