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RIT/NTID Mourns the Passing of Deaf Pioneer Robert F. Panara

Robert F. Panara, much beloved professor emeritus, author, poet, historian and international authority on deaf figures in literature, and NTID’s first deaf professor, died July 20. He was 94 years old. Read more about Bob’s incredible life and the many contributions he made to Deaf culture and history.

In accordance with Bob and his family’s wishes, donations may be made to the Robert F. Panara Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Portrait of Robert F. PanaraOn His Deafness

My ears are deaf,

And yet I seem to hear

Sweet nature’s music

and the songs of man,

For I have learned

from Fancy’s artisan

How written words

can thrill the inner ear

Just as they move the heart,

and so for me

They also seem to ring out loud

and free,

In silent study, I have learned to tell

Each secret shade of meaning,

and to hear

A magic harmony, at once sincere,

That somehow notes

the tinkle of a bell,

The cooing of a dove,

the swish of leaves,

The raindrop’s pitter-patter

on the eaves,

The lover’s sigh,

the thrumming of guitar—

And, if I choose, the rustle of a star!

—Robert F. Panara