Task Force Members

Cathie Armstrong

B.S. Degree in Medical Technology and a certification with the American Society of Clinical
Pathologist (ASCP)
E-mail: ckarmstrong@sprint.blackberry.net
VP: 585-286-2650
Info sheet

Kathleen S. Arnos

Professor and Department Chair, Biology
Director Genetics Program
Gallaudet University

E-mail: kathleen.arnos@gallaudet.edu
VP: 866-936-2270
Work Phone: 202-651-5258
Cell Phone: 703-477-7664
Info sheet, CV

Samuel R. Atcherson

Assistant Professor of Audiology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

E-mail: sratcherson@ualr.edu
VP: 866-644-1802
Office: 501-683-7178 (voice)
Cell: 501-912-1075
Info sheet, CV

Elizabeth Ayers

Matthew H. Bakke

Professor and Chair
Department of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences
Gallaudet University

Gary W. Behm

IBM Visiting Scholar/Senior Associate and Director of the NTID Center on Access Technology Innovation Laboratory
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

E-mail: gwbnts@rit.edu
VP: 585-256-5028
Info sheet, CV

Don Beil

Chief of Staff
Gallaudet University

E-mail: donald.beil@gallaudet.edu
Voice Phone: 202-651-5005

Patricia Billies

Mathematics faculty
Science and Mathematics
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: pabnca@rit.edu
Work V/TTY: 585-475-6969
Home: 585-223-2326
Cell Phone: 585-727-1255
Info sheet

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

Instructor, Philosophy and Religion Department
Gallaudet University
E-mail: teresa.burke@gallaudet.edu
Cell Phone: 202-375-4859
Home Phone: 505-924-1416 (until January 15, 2011)*
VP at home: 866-957-1428 (until January 15, 2011)*
* due to medical rehabilitation I will not be on campus for the Fall 2010 term, but working remotely
Info sheet

Nancy Chin

Associate Professor
Department of Community and Preventive Medicine
University of Rochester

E-mail: nancy_chin@urmc.rochester.edu
Work Phone: 585-275-9780
Info sheet, CV

E. William "Bill" Clymer, MBA, MS in Ed.

Associate Director
Center on Access and Technology
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
Rochester, NY
E-mail: ewcncp@ntid.rit.edu

Sandra J. Connelly, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Biological Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
E-mail: sjcsbi@rit.edu

Karen Cook

Interim Director
Work Phone: 202-651-5961
VP: 202-250-2175

Delbert Dagel

Counselor/Associate Professor
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: dddnbu@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-6589
VP: 585-286-4570
Info sheet

Casey A. Davis

Gallaudet University Career Center
E-mail: cdavis.pac@gmail.com

Anjali Desai-Margolin

Career Consultant
E-mail: Anjali.Desai-Margolin@gallaudet.edu
VP: 202.250.2552
VRS: 866.249.2336
Info sheet

Richard L. Doolittle

Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Education
Rochester Institute of Technology

E-mail: rldsbi@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-5972
Cell phone: 585-200-0561
Info sheet, CV

Ronald Dreher

Gallaudet University
E-mail: ronald.dreher@gallaudet.edu

Richard (Ric) Durity

Director of Development
Mental Health Center of Denver, Colorado
E-mail: Ric.Durity@mhcd.org
Voice Phone: 303-504-6715
Video Phone: 720.235.0078
Fax: 303.757.5245
Info sheet

Kyle Gahagan

Student/Sophomore - Pre Medicine Major
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
E-mail: kdg4131@rit.edu

Sara Gerdts

Sara Gerdts
Registered Nurse
Mankato, MN

Jeanette Giagios

Staff Assistant
Department of Cultural and Creative Studies
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: jrgnpa@rit.edu
Work Phone: 475-6250 (voice)

Donna Hallagan

Business Partner, People Resources
Rochester General Health System, RGHS

E-mail: Donna.Hallagan@rochestergeneral.org
Work Phone: 585-922-4574
Cell Phone: 585-781-0724
Info sheet, CV

Marci Hardy

Allen Health Care (FAHC)
Burlington, Vermont
VP: 802-662-1146/866-948-3165
Cell Phone: 802-881-8151 (for texting only)
Cell Phone Email: MHardy3023@vzw.blackberry.net
Info Sheet

Angela Hauser

Department of Access Services
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
Rochester, NY
E-mail: abhdis@ntid.rit.edu

Beth Ann Hazelwood

Medical Laboratory Technologist
Hematology and Chemistry Department
Highland Hospital
Rochester, NY
E-mail: eahazel@rochester.rr.com

Michael Hu

Keith Johnson

General Manager
910 Bay Star Boulevard
Webster, TX 77598-1530 map
Houston, TX Metro Area
Phone:(281) 488-5901
Website: Cardionics.com
E-mail: Keith.johnson@cardionics.com.
He is supposed to be a guru on medical devices. He also works closely with many deaf medical professionals.

Chas Johnstone

Systems Analyst
Data Center Operations
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

E-mail: C.Johnstone@ntid.rit.edu
V/TTY: 585-475-2200

Kimberly S. Kelstone, BS, CI & CT

National Center for Deaf Health Research
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
E-mail: Kim_Kelstone@URMC.Rochester.edu

Caroline M. Kobek Pezzarossi

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology, Undergraduate Program
Gallaudet University

E-mail: caroline.kobek.pezzarossi@gallaudet.edu
ckpezzarossi@gmail.com (home)
VP: 202-559-5370 (work)
Text Only: 202-360-9388
Info sheet, CV

Michelle Koplitz

B.S. in Biotechnology, M.H.S. in Health Education and Health Communication, Certificate in
Health Finance and Management.
Currently seeking employment (graduated May 2010)
E-mail: mkoplitz@gmail.com
VP: 202-559-5699
Text: 585-309-3382
Info sheet

Donna Lange

Associate Professor
Information and Computing Studies Department
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: dalndp@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585 475 5620
Cell Phone: 585 749-3077
Info sheet

Richard Laurion

NIC Advanced, External Liaison and Project Manager
CATIE Center
St. Catherine University
E-mail: rlaurion@stkate.edu

David Lawrence

National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: delnet@rit.edu
Info sheet

Brenda Lee, MEd.

Assistant Dean for Medicine Education & Student Affairs
Department of Offices of Medical Education
University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Rochester, NY

Christopher Lehfeldt

E-mail: lehfeldt@aol.com
Work Phone: 585-461-4350
(V) Home: 585-200-5680
(R) Cell: 585-755-4632
Info sheet

Irene W. Leigh

Professor and Chair, Psychology
Gallaudet University

E-mail: irene.leigh@gallaudet.edu
ireneleigh@sprint.blackberry.net (only for last-minute matters)
VP: 866 563 2892 (but for me email is best by far)
Voice to Dept: 202 651 5540
Info sheet, CV

Benjamin David Lessig

Board Certified Family Practice and Geriatrics
Certified Medical Director from American Medical Directors Association
Medical Director, Geraldine L. Thompson Care Center, Allenwood, New Jersey
Medical Director, Manchester Manor, Manchester, New Jersey
E-mail: ben@drbenjaminlessig.com
Work Phone: 732-281-2700
Cell Phone: 732-401-3198
Fax: 732-281-2701
Info sheet

Vivian Lewis

Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity
Deputy to the President
Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Rochester

E-mail: vivian.lewis@rochester.edu
Work Phone: 585-273-2760
Cell Phone: 585-278-4815
Info sheet, CV

Nghi Lu

Radiologist Resident
Rochester General Hospital
Rochester, NY
e-mail: Nghi.Lu@rochestergeneral.org

Daniel J. Lundberg

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Gallaudet University

E-mail: Daniel.Lundberg@gallaudet.edu
Text Phone: 218-839-3249
VP: 866-270-9679 (work)
Info sheet, CV

Janet MacLeod

Sr. Research Associate
Academic Affairs
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

Cathy McCormack

M.Sc.(Administration); B.Sc.(Hons) OT
Practice Education Coordinator/Lecturer
Discipline of Occupational Therapy
University of Dublin, Trinity College, Republic of Ireland
E-mail: cmccorm@tcd.ie
Cell phone SMS text: +353-87-936-7803
Info sheet

Karen McCulloh

Entrepreneur self employed business
Co-founder of the National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities (NOND) and currently serving as the Immediate Past President
Founding Executive Director of disabilityworks (2005-2010)
Served on President-elect Barack Obama’s Transition Team-2008
Federal Appointment to the National Job Corps Advisory Committee-2006-2008
Karen Jane McCulloh, RN, BS
President & CEO
Karen McCulloh & Associates Consulting
A national consulting firm educating businesses, government agencies and organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives that target the workforce development of people with disabilities.

Michael M. McKee

Assistant Professor
Family Medicine Research Programs Department of Family
Medicine - University of Rochester
Family Medicine Physician at Folsom Family Medicine Center

Email: Michael_mckee@urmc.rochester.edu
Work Phone: 585-506-9484 x 124
VP: 585-286-2268
Fax: 585-473-2245
Info sheet, CV

Cindy Meadows, BS C(ASCP)

Laboratory Quality Assurance Supervisor
Calvert Memorial Hospital in Prince Frederick
E-mail: cmeadows@cmhlink.org
Office phone: 443-295-9001

Raymond C. Merritt Jr.

Associate Professor of Biology
Researcher Molecular Genetics Laboratory Department of
Gallaudet University

E-mail: raymond.merritt@gallaudet.edu
VP: 240-241-7531
Work Phone: 202-651-6384
SMS Text: 202-445-1574
Info sheet and CV

Kathleen Miraglia

Instructional/Support Faculty
American Sign Language and Interpreting Education
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

E-mail: kamnss@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-4755441
Cell Phone: 585- 232-4039
Info sheet, CV

William Moore

Counselor / Academic Advisor
Counseling and Academic Services
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: wemncd@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-6397
Info sheet

Kathleen Moran Doskos

Academic Advisor/Counselor
Academic Counseling/Advisory Department & Career Exploration Studies Program
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: kmdncd@rit.edu
Pager: kmorandoskos8@sprint.blackberry.net
Blackberry Text: 585-905-1689
Work VP: 866-758-3589
Info sheet

Joan Naturale

National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: jxnwml@rit.edu

Kellye M. Nelson

Nurse Clinician II-M
Osler 4, Department of Medicine
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Home: (301) 483-6959
Unit: (410) 955-5540 (Please use this as a last resort)
Cell: (240) 422-0371
Email: knelso24@jhmi.edu
Email: knelson92@aol.com
Info sheet, CV, Bio

Marina Nercessian

Certified Nurse Assistant
E-mail: mnercess@yahoo.com
Cell Phone: 832-876-1098
Info sheet

Patricia A. Nolan

Medical Records Technician
St. Louis VA Medical Center at Jefferson Barracks
E-mail: Birdieday2334@aol.com

Shryl Orrego Scalice

Employment Advisor
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: sosnce@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-6883
Cell Phone: 585-802-8974
Info sheet

Christina G. S. Palmer

Associate Professor in Residence
UCLA Department of Psychiatry & Bio-behavioral Sciences
UCLA Department of Human Genetics
UCLA Center for Society & Genetics
E-mail: cpalmer@mednet.ucla.edu
Work Phone: 310-794-4796
Fax: 310-206-4446
Info sheet, CV

Robert Q. Pollard Jr.

Professor of Psychiatry
Director Deaf Wellness Center
University of Rochester School of Medicine

E-mail: robert_pollard@urmc.rochester.edu
V/TTY: 585-275-3544
VP: 866-637-7314
Cell Phone: 585-727-2765
Fax: 585-273-1117
Info sheet, CV

Jeffrey Porter

Interim Executive Assistant to the President
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

E-mail: jepnea@rit.edu
V/TTY: 585-475-6356
Fax: 585-475-5978

Thomas Raco

Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs RIT Dubai
Rochester Institute of Technology
E-mail: Traco@ritdubai.ae; tgrnvc@rit.edu
G-talk: traco41@gmail.com
Work Phone(Dir): +971-4-372-4261
Work Phone (Main): +971-4-501-5566
Fax: +971-4-372 4285
Cell Phone: 055-908-2412 (Dubai)
585 719-6563 (U.S.)
Web: http://www.rit.edu/dubai
Info sheet

Danielle N. Rastetter

Treasurer, Subscribership Manager, and Veterinarian Contact for the Association of Medical
Professionals with Hearing Losses (AMPHL)
E-mail: treasurer@amphl.org
VP: 937-847-5543 (V)
Info sheet

Steven Rattner

Ada Rodriguez-Elliott

Sr. Staff Specialist
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

E-mail: arenod@rit.edu
Voice Phone: 585-475-6108
Fax: 585-475-5978

Kelly Rogel

Genetic Counselor
Kansas City
E-mail: kmrogel@gmail.com

Kathleen Romeo

Kathleen Romeo Info Sheet.pdf
Reimbursement Specialist (Medical Biller/Collector)
Home Phone: 508-839-1318
Home Email : kromeo419@verizon.net
Work email: Kathleen.romeo@Bioscrip.com
Info sheet

Jeffrey Rubin

Director, Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: jeffrey.rubin@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-5002
Cell Phone (text): 585-233-355
Info sheet

Georgia Sadler

Clinical Professor of Surgery, UCSD School of Medicine
Director, Community Outreach, Moores UCSD Cancer Center

La Jolla, California 92093-0850
Phone (858) 534-7611
Fax (858) 534-7628
Info sheet, CV

Jonathan "Jon" Schull

Center for Student Innovation
Director of Undergraduate Research
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
E-mail: jxsics@rit.edu

J. Matthew Searls

Associate Professor
Department of Cultural and Creative Studies
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

E-mail: jmsdhd@rit.edu
VP: 585-286-4657
Work Phone: 585-475-6250
Info sheet, CV

Dan Sheridan

Medication Safety Pharmacist
Marion General Hospital
Marion, Ohio
E-mail: danshelly@verizon.net

Martha Sheridan

Professor Social Work
Gallaudet University
Info sheet

Robert "Bobby" Silverstein

Principal, Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville, P.C.
Washington, D.C.
E-mail: Bobby.Silverstein@ppsv.com

Martha Smith

EEO/ Affirmative Action/ ADA Coordinator Oregon Department of Transportation
Executive Board Member, National Organization of Nurses with Disabilities
E-mail: martha.r.smith@odot.state.or.us
Home e-mail: mrs1961@msn.com
Work Phone: 503-373-7093
Cell Phone: 503-910-9062
Info sheet

Henry David Snyder

Professor, Chemistry and Physics Department
Gallaudet University

E-mail: Henry.Snyder@gallaudet.com
Work Phone: 202-651-5385
Info sheet, CV

Shane E. Steele

Crossville TN
E-mail: steeles@frontier.com

Carolyn Stern

Family Physician
Partner, DeafDOC.org
School Physician & Medical Director, Rochester School for the Deaf

Amy Stornello

Assistant Director of Admissions & Visitation
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: Amy.Stornello@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-6700 (main office line)
VP: 585-286-5019
Info sheet

Patricia Thompson

Administrative Assistant
Gallaudet University

Antonio Toscano

Associate Professor
Arts & Imaging Studies Department
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT
E-mail: antnvc@rit.edu
Cell Phone: 585-749-2150
Info sheet

Rose Marie Toscano

Professor of English
Department of Liberal Studies
National Technical Institute for the Deaf, RIT

E-mail: rmtnge@rit.edu
Work Phone: 585-475-6845 (V)
VP: 585-286-4761
Fax: 585-475-6520
Cell Phone: 585-749-9228
Info sheet, CV

Ann Tynan

Equality & Diversity Consultant
United Kingdom (University of London 2000-2009)
E-mail: a.tynan@o2.co.uk
Work Phone: 0044 (0) 20-8673-6306
Cell Phone: 0044(0) 7970-677510
Info sheet

Julia Velasquez

Pre-med student/Cancer Research Award Fellow N.I.H.
Post-Baccalaureate at the University of Rochester
E-mail: julia.f.velasquez@gmail.com
Phone: 202-403-0464
Text Phone: 805-815-6926
Info sheet

Julia Velasquez

University of Rochester
Rochester, NY
E-mail: julia.f.velasquez@gmail.com

Gerard G. Walter

Project Consultant
College Advancement
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Kristen M. Waterstram-Rich

College of Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Office phone: 585-475-5117
Cell: 585-414-7676
Info sheet, CV

Sara Weiner-Collier

Project Coordinator
Women with Disabilities
Health Equity Coalition
E-mail: sarabeth97@aol.com
VP: 503-928-5638
Text Cell Phone: 971-212-3569
Info sheet

Steven J. Weintraub

Medical Director, Pre-surgical Testing
Department of Anesthesia
North Shore University Hospital
North Shore/LIJ Health System
E-mail: SWeintra@lij.edu
Home Phone: 631-367-3727
Work Phone: 516-562-4887
Info sheet

Barbara White, Ph.D.

Department of Social Work
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC
E-mail: barbara.white@gallaudet.edu

Gloria A. Wilder

President & CEO, CORE Health
Associate Professor/Instructor, George Washington School of
Public Health
Executive VP, Physician Integration and Strategic Partnerships,
United Medical Center, Washington DC

E-mail: DrGloria@CoreHealthDC.com
Work Phone: 202-234-3450
Cell Phone: 202-302-3996
Info sheet, CV