Ronnie Cuartero


Vallejo, CA
Applied Computer Technology
Why I chose my major: 

I choose my major because I wanted to be part of the “geek group.”

Why I chose RIT: 
I believe that RIT is the best place to help me prepare for my future job.
What I like best about RIT: 

I love to watch students play Humans vs Zombies.

Best part of living on campus: 

Play video games and the card game Magic: The Gathering with my friends.

Dream job: 
Employee of Cisco Systems, Inc.
Favorite spot on campus: 

Global Village

Favorite professor: 
Tao Eng. He is my role model because we have similar background experiences: we both used to live in San Francisco, Calif., and he used to work as a network technician, which is what I want to do.
Favorite class: 
LAN/WAN design because it was fun to work on cables.
What excites me about RIT: 

There are many deaf people to socialize with and you can be a part of Deaf culture.

My most memorable experience at RIT/NTID: 
Performing at the Global Unification Ceremony, the largest annual cultural show at RIT.
Favorite place to eat in Rochester: 
SEA restaurant in downtown Rochester.
Favorite movie: 
“Edward Scissorhands”
Fun fact about me: 

I like to drink hot sauce.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do but never have: 
I always wanted to visit Riot Games company.
The one thing I can't live without: 
Any technology devices.