Carol De Filippo

Carol De Filippo's research focuses on the development of training procedures to aid sensory learning for speech reception in profoundly deaf individuals, with an emphasis on lipreading. She studies the lipreading strategies of expert adult lipreaders; and examines memory, visual speech feedback, and physical dimensions of visible articulation (talker variables) as particular factors in successful lipreading. She also developed a technique to train speech reception, called "tracking", that uses story-length material and measures rate of verbatim transfer of text. In the area of audition, she studies perception of the relative timing of speech events (gap detection) and patterns of loudness growth in the presence of hearing loss, and is in the process of refining judgments in assessing hearing aid fit. Institutional research has also been a focus, with particular emphasis on general student satisfaction, programmatic satisfaction, quality of student life on campus, and student flow and academic persistence.