Sara Schley

Dr. Sara Schley joined the Department of Research at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2001. With prior positions in the Department of Special Education (Deaf Education Graduate Program) at Hunter College in New York, and the Center for Young Children and Families at Teachers College, Columbia University, she brings background in both language and literacy, as well as large-scale analysis of data, to the field of deaf studies and deaf education. Since arriving at NTID, she has conducted research on educational and employment outcomes of attaining a degree from NTID, admissions test scores and relationship to success at NTID, and the reliability of assessment measures used at the college.

Her dissertation research at Harvard University involved the bilingual language development--American Sign Language (ASL) and written English--of elementary school children. Dr. Schley received her Ed.D. in Human Development from Harvard, her M.A. in Experimental Psychology from Northeastern University, and her B.A. in Psychology from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.