Gabriela Perrusquia

Gabriela Perrusquia


Chicago, Illinois

Degree programs

AOS, Arts & Imaging Studies

Year of graduation


Place of employment

Printworks, American School for the Deaf, West Hartford, Connecticut

Job Title

Graphic Designer (co-op)

Work Responsibilities

I worked as a graphic designer and was responsible for meeting with clients and discussing their design needs. I would design flyers, cards, letters, banners and more, using my creative abilities to suggest fonts, sizes, information and design elements that would meet my clients' needs.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

I learned a lot about design that I used when I went on co-op. My co-op was a great opportunity to learn more, get experience and develop and improve my skills. I enjoyed problem-solving and applying what I have learned to a real job.


When you are in college, take advantage of opportunities to gain knowledge and learn skills that will be related to your job in the future.

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