Jaime Harter

Jaime Harter


Holden, Missouri

Degree programs

Bachelor of Science, Marketing

Year of graduation


Place of employment

MicroStrate, Kyle, Texas

Job Title

Assistant Marketing Manager (Co-op)

Work Responsibilities

MicroStrate® is a company that creates base materials from recycled plastic that is used to print signs of all shapes and sizes. I supervised the Sign Shop which was responsible for the printing of the signs and I helped supervise the sign production schedule, quality and finished goods. I interacted with the sales and marketing departments and was responsible for making sure that customers’ marketing booths with signage arrived successfully at monthly tradeshows. I researched and implemented quality control processes and worked with packaging and shipping to get the product to the customers. I also managed the quote to shipping cycle in FishBowl, an ERP software system, and had some financial responsibilities reconciling marketing expenses with accounting.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

Thankfully, the overall experience in my courses had me prepared for this kind of co-op. Courses like Corporate Finance, Marketing Management and Finance/Management Accounting prepared me to wear many hats on the job.


Network, network, network. Nothing is more important than the ability to network. Also, make sure you gain some internship/co-op experience early on; recruiters emphasize the importance of experience. 

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