Timothy Holmes

Timothy Holmes


Stockbridge, Georgia

Degree programs

B.S. in Applied Arts and Science with a minor in Human Resource Management and a professional concentration in American Politics.

Year of graduation


Place of employment

The Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C.

Job Title

Office clerk in the Office of Inspector General

Work Responsibilities

Some of my responsibilities were to update the status of case files and records for the Office of the Inspector General as well as scan contact data files for both the Inspector General and FCC offices. I created a tracking system for documents and scanned contact data files and updated the system for the Office of the Inspector General.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID

I used what I had learned to successfully complete a full range of assignments. The co-op gave me insights into the importance of understanding organizational management and corporate culture and helped me learn more about the development of workplace skills. I also was able to apply my considerable knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. I am a very motivated person and student, and that really helps on the job.


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