High Anxiety Becomes High Honors, High Hopes

Remy Glock with her mom, Joni (left) and Assistant Professor Cathy Chou, (right). Photo by Mark Benjamin, NTID.

It wasn’t making the grade that worried Remy Glock when she transferred to RIT/NTID from two years at the University of Nevada. She was more worried about being homesick, thousands of miles away from her family in Reno.

Glock kept in daily contact with her mother, Joni, via email, texts and Skype during her three years in Rochester and is proud to have earned her BA degree in graphic design last week from RIT/NTID. She graduated with a 3.97 cumulative GPA and was named Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar from RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Science. She also won an Academic Achievement Award from NTID.

She was one of 394 RIT/NTID graduates this year.

“For faculty, the best part about having a student like Remy, is that she makes you look really good,” says Cathy Chou, Assistant Professor in RIT College of Arts and Imaging Science.

Looking back at her decision, Glock says she’s become more independent, has gained confidence in herself and is willing try new things.

“I feel like graduation day is the best day of my life,” she says. “It marked a day of accomplishment. Moving to New York from Nevada was a big decision for me. I wanted to have that east coast experience, and I came because of the large deaf community here. I never experienced that.”

Born profoundly deaf, she received a cochlear implant when she was 10, and first learned sign language when she was 19. “I found sign language really interesting. It allows me to communicate with both hearing and deaf people.”

 Glock ran on RIT’s cross-country team for two years. She joined other clubs to experience being part of a team. She was treasurer of the RIT chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. “That taught me a few things and gave me experience in a leadership role,” she says. “I’m still shy and conservative, but with friends or when I’m volunteering, I’m more comfortable.”

Her next stop: Working at the prestigious Leo Burnett ad agency in Chicago, where she’ll be a creative intern for a 10-week internship, a job she found when a recruiter came to RIT. “It’s a great opportunity, working on branding and package design,” she says.

Does she plan to make Chicago her new home?

“I’m just trying to take one day at a time,” she says. “I found that I’m happy traveling on my own and seeing new places. I want to pursue that creative passion. I know that art will always be in my life.”

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