Hundreds Return to RIT for NTID’s 45th Alumni Reunion

More than 500 alumni from RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf and their families came to campus for the NTID 45th Alumni Reunion during Brick City Weekend to reconnect with friends, remember their college days and see what current and future students can experience.

“NTID currently has more than 7,000 graduates,” NTID President Gerry Buckley said during a welcoming ceremony in the Robert F. Panara Theatre. “That’s more than 7,000 of you who have proven that deaf people can change the world. You are the ones who are responsible for all of that success.”

Several members of NTID’s first class of 70, which enrolled in 1968, registered for the reunion. One said he had not been on campus since their 20th reunion. Others were expected from as far away as Norway and Australia.

“You really are home, and we’re going to socialize and have fun,” Buckley promised.  “I want to look back at the memories, yes. But I always want to look towards the future, and for your support of NTID and its students, to encourage young students to attend and open up job opportunities for them.”

During the presentation, a video was shown that recapped several major events that occurred since the 40th NTID reunion five years ago.

Campus tours were offered, reunions of specific majors were held and a Presidents’ Alumni Ball was held in the Gordon Field House.

After days of hugs and laughs, those gathered vowed to meet again for NTID’s 50th anniversary.

Alumnus John Ojeda wrote comments online about the reunion:

 “I had the opportunity to meet old friends, and meet new ones as well. The reunion most certainly rejuvenated a sense of pride for me as a former NTID student and for being part of a program that has reached new heights in ways that I would never have foreseen when I was a student there. It was refreshing to see how new NTID students are well equipped and prepared for a better future.

“The evolution and transformation are absolutely breathtaking from an academic standpoint. I could not be more proud for being a part of it. … The RIT campus is a real beauty. Yes, I am a bit envious and maybe jealous to see what students have today than what I had back then. … RIT has grown in leaps and bounds. The spirit of RIT has become bigger and bolder these days.”

Ojeda also commended the reunion organizers and Buckley, “for his phenomenal leadership at NTID and for his visibility with alumni during the reunion.

“As I leave Rochester to fly home, I am left with this feeling today: I love RIT!”

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