Features: Sprint Relay Lab

Classroom technologies available in the Sprint Relay Lab include…

·         Classroom/Lecture Capture Recording – Capture classroom activities for anytime, anywhere subsequent access to recordings by students

·         Interactive Projectors - Two side-by-side short-throw interactive projectors

·         Mobile podium - with touch-screen support enabling instructors to maintain eye contact with students while interacting with the whiteboard

·         Instructor computer - support dual-platform (PC/Mac) and dual-monitors

·         Mobile tablets - Four tablets (2 iPads, 2 Android-based) for experimentation by instructors when disseminating instructional material and to evaluate potential academic uses outside of classroom including uses in tutoring sessions.

·         Room-mounted cameras - Three wall-mounted remote-controlled PTZ Cameras (capture instructor, students, interpreters, and guest speakers). Can be used for in-class recordings or instructional video/web-conferencing. 

·         Laptops - 11 MacBook laptops with dual-boot capability (OSX/Win) for classroom uses.

·         Microphones - Various multi-type wireless microphones to capture audio from instructors, students, interpreters and/or visitors.

·         Flexible and extendable - The lab is set up to meet variety of classroom needs.

Example of previous projects using some of the technologies listed above…

·         Online/Distance Learning – Students at remote locations in the U.S. enrolled in Healthcare Interpreting course during the summer

·         Shared Online Learning  - Delivery of a joint Web Design course involving students at NTID and in Mumbai, India;

·         Instructional Video Conferencing - A joint credit-bearing course ‘Deaf Theatre History’ involving students at NTID and at Gallaudet University; and

·         Classroom/Lecture Capture -  Video recordings of a math course, ‘Foundations of Algebra’, and in-class exercises for archiving and subsequent “any time/anywhere” access by students outside of the classroom.