Events and Guidelines

February – April 2014

Review meetings will be scheduled with selected finalists to discuss final round of The Next Big Idea Competition with faculty members involved. Participation in the review meetings is mandatory for two out of five members of the team. Seed money in the amounts of $250 to $500 will be awarded to team finalists to develop their product or service. Rules for using seed money will be provided at first review meeting. Ideas for funding include:

  1. Creation of videos/media to market idea.
  2. Prototypes (3-D drawings, models, actual product, etc)
  3. Working applications

The first lab session was held on March 14th and the second one on April 11th.

Six of the nine teams have advanced to the final round to be held on May 8th. They are:


  • Eric Epstein
  • Sarah Margolis-Greenbaum
  • Haley Leet
  • Perseus McDaniel


  • David Goldstein
  • Shawn Ribaudo


  • Andre Webster
  • Jan-Michael Guillermo
  • Matt Ballerini

Vibe Aid

  • Ethan Young
  • Keith Delk
  • Matthew McKay
  • Samantha Shupe
  • Jason Lee

The Deafvengers

  • Jonathan Pons
  • Chris Fenn


  • Alec Satterly
  • Patrick Seypura
  • Sophie Phillips

May 8, 2014

Final Round of The Next Big Idea Competition.

Judges from ZVRS will chose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competition winners.

There will be $10,000 in prize money

1st place - $5,000
2nd place - $3,000
3rd place - $2,000

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