Success Stories

Meet a few of the students, alumni, faculty and staff who have found success at RIT/NTID.


“I really love to put a smile on everyone’s face,” says this fourth-year Applied Arts and Science major. more
A passion for science has helped forge a path of success for Canadian Tina Feng. more
RIT has been a great fit, both inside and outside the classroom, for this fourth-year Environmental Science major. more
This Information Technology major says of attending RIT, "This was my dream, and I am now living it." more
A childhood love of "building things" prepared Stowbunenko well for his engineering major at RIT. more


Volunteering leads to opportunities, and no one knows that better than this RIT/NTID alumna. more
Siebert used her experience in the Information Technology program at RIT to prepare her for her career at IBM. more
Jerry Nelson, SVP ’69, ’74, believes in taking on challenges and pushing limits, a talent he developed during his years at RIT/NTID. more
At RIT, Smith learned the necessary skills to be successful in a computer-related work environment and developed an understanding of how her studies would be critical to her career choice. more
Sun Kim is currently a freelance educator at the Whitney Museum in New York and a digital archivist at a publishing company. more


This St. Croix, Virgin Islands, native, who was born deaf, has worked at RIT/NTID since 2004 and enjoys the fast-paced nature of his position. more
It only took one quarter as an adjunct professor at RIT to convince Smith to pursue teaching full-time. more
Aaron led a diversified career before settling in as program director for NTID's Performing Arts program. more
This faculty member sees parallels with quilt making and teaching at RIT/NTID. more
Raja Kushalnagar has visited a dozen countries, has five academic degrees from four universities, has worked in three states, has taught at RIT for two years and had one unforgettable mentor—his father. more