Move-In and Registration

SVP Move-In DaySVP Students are expected to move into their RIT housing assignment on Sunday, August 13, 2017 (time: 9am-1pm ONLY) on Move-In Day. Check-in and registration will be held in the CSD Student Development Center.

At registration:

  • You will pick up your SVP Family Orientation schedule. 
  • Your student will pick up his or her room and mailbox keys, SVP notebook and SVP schedule.  
  • Please ensure that your student completes the LCBQ questionnaire AND the Career Survey forms.  If this is not filled out, he/she will spend additional time filling out the forms BEFORE being able to move into his/her housing assignment.

While some carts will be available to make your move-in easier, we recommend that you bring your own dolly or cart to transport luggage to the residence hall rooms. We also suggest that you avoid moving in during the early-morning rush when residence hall elevators are busiest.  

For more information, please refer to your student’s Housing Operations packet, visit the RIT Housing website, or call directly at 585-475-2572 (v) or 585-475-2113 (TTY).

***Please note that your student will NOT need luggage tags or color coded maps - that is for the following week for BS student move-in day only.