NTID-Supported Bachelor's Degree Level Students

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Support Service Orientation

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students Enrolled in Bachelor's Degree Programs Only

Welcome! Beat the rush! Move into your RIT Housing assignment a day earlier on Monday, August 21, 2017.  You will be required to attend our NSSO (NTID Support Services Orientation) pre-orientation program on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. This fun, informal day is designed to explain access and support services for NTID-supported baccalaureate students. (Transfer students who are accepted into a bachelor's degree program must attend NSSO as well).

The NSSO program, scheduled for Tuesday (8/22/2017, time: 9am until 5pm), will provide students and their families with the opportunity to meet with managers from Access Services, the NTID Coordinators for Academic Support Services, and representatives from other NTID services as well as other deaf and hard- of-hearing students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs. Parents will attend a general information session about access services, academic support, first-year experience, counseling and audiology services. Students will attend a separate information meeting where they will learn about access services offered at NTID, the procedures for making requests for classroom support and other campus activities, meet the faculty who will be providing academic support and advising, followed by a question and answer session.

SCHEDULE is as follows:

Tuesday August 22nd
TIME What? Where?
8:45am-9am Pick up folders, name tags Student Development Center (SDC), 1st floor, #1300-1310
9am Welcome Presentation SDC-1300-1310
10:30-10:45am (break) Parents remain in SDC 1300-1310
10:45am-12noon STUDENTS only: Meet other students within your college who are Deaf/Hard of hearing.  Tour NTID facilities Depart from SDC-area
PARENTS: Access Services, Financial Aid, Student & Academic Services SDC 1300-1310
12noon-1pm STUDENTS: Lunch provided (free) and chat with your new friends! Remain in groups, will walk together to the Student Alumni Union/SAU Cafe
PARENTS: Lunch on your own/free time until 3pm - then go to the Resource Fair if you'd like.
1-2pm STUDENTS: Meet with Access Services, how to request Interpreting, Captioning/C-Print/Notetaking (various locations - follow schedule in your folder)
2-3pm STUDENTS: Meet with your NTID Support Services Coordinator.  Learn about how they are a resource, how to obtain tutoring and other support... (various locations - follow schedule in your folder)
3-4:30pm STUDENTS: Meet with your RIT Academic Advisor if you have questions about your schedule, major, etc.  (Optional) (various locations - follow schedule in your folder)
3-4pm PARENTS & STUDENTS: Resource Fair - meet with Financial Aid, NTID Counseling, Access Services, sign up for ASL classes, etc.  We will be glad to address and last questions before you continue your day... SDC 1300/1310
4pm - until??? Begin to follow the RIT Orientation schedule!

If you have any questions regarding the NSSO pre-orientation program, please contact Mark Pfuntner via email at MJPNVD@rit.edu.

In order for us to be better prepared for your arrival, please complete the Language/Communication Background Questionnaire by June 1, 2017. You will need your 9-digit University ID to access this form online. Information about RIT's access and support services is also available online.

For all questions regarding all other orientation activities, visit the RIT Orientation website or call the RIT Orientation office at (585) 475-7995.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs in the colleges of RIT have a senator within Student Government who represents them. This person (the cross-registered senator) makes sure that you are provided with the support you need in order to be a successful student here at RIT.  This senator also addresses a variety of issues ranging from access services (interpreters, C-print captioning, notetaking, tutoring) to instructor education. This person also is an advocate and a friend. This person can be reached for comment and concerns at sgxreg@rit.edu

We look forward to meeting you!