Spring Semester Orientation

Welcome to Spring semester @ RIT/NTID!

Things you need to do BEFORE arriving on campus:

  • Follow everything on NTID Admissions' "Accepted Student Checklist
  • Be here and ready for the Orientation program Wednesday January 10, 2018 @ 3pm!
  • There will be no paper mail sent home with any orientation details - all the information you need is right here or please contact us if you have questions.

If you need a residence hall assignment, be sure to contact Housing Operations ASAP for more details: https://www.rit.edu/fa/housing/content/about-uscontacts  - you are expected to do this BEFORE your arrival to ensure we have located an available housing assignment!  Do not sign up for housing when you come to campus.




Monday January 8, 
Tuesday January 9

8am-5pm only!

Early Move-in into RIT Housing may be permitted – Contact Housing Operations to make arrangements
Location: Grace Watson Hall to pick up keys

Wednesday January 10


Move into the Residence Halls
Location: Grace Watson Hall to pick up keys
PLEASE be moved in and ready to participate in the Orientation program at 3pm!



If needed, pick up post office box key at A-level of Nathaniel Rochester Hall (only for students living at RIT Housing assignments!)



Welcome to RIT/NTID & Pizza dinner for NEW College of NTID Students! (parents welcome during this time)

  • Discussion of RIT/NTID Resources
  • Who’s Who on campus
  • Meal plan overview
  • RIT Policies & Expectations
  • Brief introductions of Financial Aid, Career Exploration Studies, etc.
  • Q & A

Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, room 2590

Thursday January 11


*Breakfast provided for students by NTID Orientation
Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, #2593


9am until 5pm-ish

Placement testing in:

  • NTID Writing
  • NTID Reading
  • NTID Math
  • Michigan (another type of reading test)

**Possible you may be asked to take WPE/MPE – pending results of these 4 tests mentioned above
Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, CRTC computer lab



Lunch (TBA)



Dinner on your own (use your food debit on your RIT ID card)
*Be sure to use your food debit as your meal plan is NOT activated yet
Location: TBA (not all dining facilities are open!)

Friday January 12


Breakfast (TBA)



MyCourses Overview
Location: NTID/Johnson Hall, CRTC computer lab



Meeting with your Chairperson to review your program and obtain Spring semester schedule & Meeting with NTID Academic Advisor
Location: TBA



Lunch on your own (food debit)



RIT Orientation programming



Dinner on your own (food debit)

Saturday January 13


Breakfast on your own (food debit)



RIT Orientation programming



Lunch/Dinner on your own (food debit)

Sunday January 14


Brunch @ Gracie’s/Grace Watson Hall – your meal plan for Spring Semester is NOW activated!




Monday January 15


Day Off - USE this time WISELY to prepare, get organized, meet people and relax...

Tuesday January 16

Classes Begin! Best wishes on a successful Spring Semester!

tentative schedule – subject to change - BUT Orientation offically BEGINS for NTID students on WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10, 2017 at 3pm!!!

*any dietary restrictions/food allergies MUST be emailed to Amy.Stornello@rit.edu by Monday, January 8 to have ample time to order food.

Not ALL Dining Facilities will be open – for up-to-date hours/locations, please go here: https://www.rit.edu/fa/diningservices/places-to-eat/hours
Dining Plan changes: mydining.rit.edu

Suggestion: Download TWO apps for your smartphone: RIT Mobile (links to Dining Services, Bus schedules, campus maps, etc.) AND TigerSafe (text/call Public Safety in case of emergency).

All events listed here are REQUIRED/EXPECTED for students to attend.  If there are questions, please contact Amy Stornello, NTID Orientation Director at Amy.Stornello@rit.edu or call 585-286-4586 VP (Karyssa Martin, staff assistant) or email her at kjmnlc@rit.edu.