Vocational Rehabilitation


Do you have a teaching/education major?

Yes, at the graduate/master's degree level we offer the Master of Science program in Secondary Education (MSSE). It is a dual certification program, which means upon completing the program you can be certified to teach deaf and hard-of-hearing students in grades K-12, as well as hearing students in grades 7-12. You also will be qualified to teach one of four content areas: English, Social Studies, Science or Math.

Does RIT grant credit for advanced placement (A.P.) courses taken in high school?

Yes, students should request that a copy of their A.P. scores be sent to the NTID Office of Admissions. Depending on the grade of the AP exam, a student may be awarded college credit. If the AP exam is for a liberal arts course, a grade of 3, or higher will waive you out of one of your core courses. For technical AP's or courses related to the major, a 4 or 5 may be necessary to waive out of a course. During orientation, your academic advisor can answer questions about AP credit for specific courses in your program of study.

If I am in a bachelor-level program, am I considered an RIT/NTID student?

You are considered an NTID supported student, which means your access services are provided through NTID and you qualify for the NTID reduced tuition rate.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provides services to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or to those who have disabilities and who need help to qualify for or to find a job. VR may assist with vocational training or college. VR services may include financial assistance, employment planning, counseling, transportation, and job placement assistance. A VR counselor, who determines eligibility for services, is assigned to each individual requesting assistance. States have various names for VR, and services vary depending on need and the state in which a student lives.

If you have questions about VR related to RIT/NTID, please contact the NTID Student Financial Services office.

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