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Are there fraternities and sororities?

RIT's Greek community is dedicated to building future societal leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for Greek members. From social issues to academic, business to philanthropy, the leaders of today are gaining their leadership edge from their fraternity and sorority experiences.

Membership in a fraternal or sororal organization is one of the most outstanding means of discovering and refining your leadership potential. Within each chapter, members have the chance to assume a wide spectrum of leadership roles. These roles may range from serving as rush chair to treasurer, social chair to president. Within each fraternity exists anywhere from five to twenty different leadership positions, all requiring different degrees of skills and investments. Opportunities to learn and practice leadership stretch beyond chapters.

What information do I have to send to my VR counselor every semester?

You need to send a copy of your financial aid award letter, class schedule, student bill, book list and grades.

Does RIT grant credit for advanced placement (A.P.) courses taken in high school?

Yes, students should request that a copy of their A.P. scores be sent to the NTID Office of Admissions. Depending on the grade of the AP exam, a student may be awarded college credit. If the AP exam is for a liberal arts course, a grade of 3, or higher will waive you out of one of your core courses. For technical AP's or courses related to the major, a 4 or 5 may be necessary to waive out of a course. During orientation, your academic advisor can answer questions about AP credit for specific courses in your program of study.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) provides services to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or to those who have disabilities and who need help to qualify for or to find a job. VR may assist with vocational training or college. VR services may include financial assistance, employment planning, counseling, transportation, and job placement assistance. A VR counselor, who determines eligibility for services, is assigned to each individual requesting assistance. States have various names for VR, and services vary depending on need and the state in which a student lives.

If you have questions about VR related to RIT/NTID, please contact the NTID Student Financial Services office.

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