Dance of the Ginkgo

Joan Webster-Vore's Dance of the Ginkgo is displayed in the CSD Student Development Center. The information below is displayed on a plaque beneath the artwork.

Dance of the Ginkgo by Joan Webster-Vore

“When considering the space, the environment and RIT/NTID, I thought about dancing with hands. I thought about the sign for friendship (which is one of my favorite signs) and the sign for welcome. I also thought about the ginkgo leaf, which is a beautiful fan-shaped leaf much like the shape of a hand in a welcoming sign. The Ginkgo tree is unique, resilient, ancient, long living and powerful.

The leaves were formed from copper wire and covered in paper. They were then painted in a range of earth/skin tone colors. Some of the leaves are translucent, while others are opaque or iridescent. The appearance is constantly changing, depending on the lighting and movement of the air around them. Based on these variables, some of the leaves will be more visible at different times.”

The artist currently resides in Iowa and received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Design from the University of Iowa. She has experience in the design and production of large-scale installations in public and private spaces. The artist has received a number of awards and has an extensive exhibition history, with her work placed in permanent public and private collections.  She has two sons, both of whom have hearing losses. Micah Vore is a 2008 graduate of RIT’s College of Business. Through her sons, the artist gained a new understanding of visual communication and how it impacts our perceptions of the world in which we live.