Undergraduate Programs

Paths to Success

Paths to Success

We’re here to help you select the program that matches your interests and abilities and allows you to achieve your goals. Please let us know if you have any questions about the academic options available at RIT/NTID.

Baccalaureate Degree Programs

If you’re interested in and qualified for a bachelor’s degree program, you can pursue any of more than 90 exciting and challenging majors offered in the College of Engineering Technology, Saunders College of BusinessGolisano College of Computing and Information SciencesKate Gleason College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences and Technology, College of Art and DesignCollege of Liberal Arts, and College of Science. If you’re unsure which college fits your interests, you may apply to enter University Exploration to explore different bachelor’s degree programs. Explore the bachelor's degree programs available at RIT.

Pre-baccalaureate Programs

If you would like to enter a bachelor’s degree program in the college of Engineering, Art and Design, Liberal Arts or Science, but need to complete some courses in order to qualify for admission, you may be eligible to enter a pre-baccalaureate program. All pre-baccalaureate programs are individualized, planned by you and your academic adviser to prepare you for the bachelor’s degree program to which you wish to apply. Learn more about these programs.

Associate+Bachelor’s Degree Programs

RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf offers an array of associate degrees that provide a solid foundation for entry into RIT bachelor’s degree programs. Current programs include Accounting Technology, Administrative Support Technology, Applied Computer Technology, Applied Liberal Arts, Applied Mechanical Technology, Civil Technology, Business, Business Administration, 3D Graphics Technology, Mobile Application Development, General Science and Laboratory Science Technology. Learn more about these programs.

Associate Degree — Career-Focused Programs

If you’re looking for the fast track to career success, you may choose to pursue an associate degree in any of our state-of-the-art technical programs. These include: Accounting Technology, Administrative Support Technology, Applied Computer Technology, Business Technology, Business Administration, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Precision Manufacturing Technology (formerly Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology), Design and Imaging Technology, 3D Graphics Technology, Mobile Application Development and Laboratory Science Technology. Learn more about these programs.

Career Exploration Programs

If you want to collect additional information about careers and majors before deciding on an associate degree program of study, you may choose a career exploration/decision option.

These programs offer you the opportunity to do a career search while you develop a better understanding of yourself through career and personal counseling and the sampling of various majors. A counselor/faculty adviser will work with you to assist you in evaluating information and making a career decision.

You may remain in a career exploration/decision program for up to three quarters to select and prepare for a major. During that time, you will take introductory and foundation courses in various majors as well as courses in mathematics, humanities and social science. Learn more about these programs.