Brittany Comegna

Brittany Comegna
Admissions Counselor

“Where are you from?”

This is the question that stumps me most, as I was born and raised in Baltimore, Md., home to my beloved “birds”—the Ravens and the Orioles—both of whom are proud champions. At nine years old, my always-adventurous parents relocated the family to the San Francisco Bay Area, and I spent my pre-college years at the California School for the Deaf at Fremont.

After Fremont, life took me to Los Angeles where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Production and Marketing from California State University at Northridge. Prior to graduation, I decided national service was my next step and I enlisted in the AmeriCorps program. My year of service in Washington, D.C., was the most transforming experience of my life.

Coming to RIT was never a plan, however, when I was researching master’s degree programs in Hospitality, I learned that RIT offered the program. After this discovery, I pored over the RIT website for weeks and then decided that RIT would be the only university I would apply to for a master’s degree. Honestly, though, I also came here for the snow and, well, the access services.

Little did I know that I would be catapulted into such a unique campus and become extremely involved with the community. One of the best experiences I had at RIT was a class trip to Dubai, where I got to visit the only seven-star hotel in the world–the Burj al Arab. I even got a tour of the presidential suite, and the best part was meeting the general manager of the hotel! After this experience, I realized there are no limits to what I can do during my time here at RIT.

Now, let’s shift the spotlight to you. I encourage you to visit and take a tour of our campus, and to experience what RIT has to offer. I look forward to working with you.