Andrew Brenneman

Andrew Brenneman is a Senior National Account Executive with Sprint Business Solutions, based in Reston, Virginia. He has worked for the company for eleven years and is currently responsible for nationwide sales efforts and customer relations for Sprint Relay, including the acquisition and retention of state, federal, and national offerings through competitive bid procurements. Brenneman, is the four-time recipient of Sprint’s President’s Club Award, given to the top sales performers company-wide.

Brenneman was born and raised in Camillus, New York. He graduated from Westhill Central High School in Syracuse in 1982. He attended the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in 1983 graduating with an Associate Degree in Accounting. Brenneman went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology with honors in Business Management in 1988. While there, Brenneman was the first deaf recipient of the Alpha Sigma Lambda honorary society. He served as a peer tutor for the College of Business and General Education Learning Center.

Upon graduation, Brenneman, who is the fifth generation salesman, was recruited into the J.P. Morgan and Company’s Management Training Program. He was one of only 100 graduates to be chosen from the original pool of 1,500 applying to this prestigious Wall Street firm’s training program. Brenneman worked with J.P. Morgan for seven years, holding various positions from System Liaison to Business Support Analyst.

Brenneman is a past member of the Advisory Board for Visual Language Interpreting, Inc. He served on the Alumni Campaign Leadership Committee, which is responsible for the Institute’s fundraising efforts for NTID, and is active in community speaking and service ventures. Brenneman currently serves on the RIT Board of Trustees and the NTID National Advisory Group.

Brenneman currently resides in Leesburg, Virginia with his wife, Mary, also a graduate of NTID, and their two children, Andrew and Hannah. He is an avid golfer and fly fisherman as well as a horse enthusiast.

How RIT/NTID has contributed to your success?

I chose RIT/NTID because it is recognized as one of the top business schools in the country and I wanted a degree from a reputable college. Coming from a mainstreamed educational environment, I felt very comfortable at RIT/NTID. It offered a quality education, dedicated teachers and excellent support services for deaf and hard of hearing students. All of those factors made it an excellent fit for me.

NTID gave me the support system that I needed to succeed with honors at RIT. My interaction with faculty and staff was positive—they really cared about their students’ success. RIT/NTID also prepared me for the business world by giving me the tools and resources I needed to succeed. One of the things I liked about the class at RIT was the fact that they used case studies and presenters from reputed businesses to simulate a real world business environment. NTID/RIT, with deaf, hard of hearing and hearing professors and students, gave me an opportunity to interact in a diverse community and helped me better serve future customers.

I also credit my family and hometown with contributing to my success. Growing up in a small town, I was fortunate to be part of a supportive community environment that enabled me to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, just like any other small town child. In addition, my family fostered a strong work ethic in me and encouraged me to not be afraid of trying different opportunities. My great-great grandfather established a family insurance business in 1877 called Ellis, Moreland, and Ellis, Inc in Syracuse. I had thought that upon my graduation from college, I would be continuing the tradition of joining the family company. However, my father encouraged me to try a different path and branch out my own. As a result of taking his advice, I have been enriched by the various companies I have been involved in for the past twenty years. My wife and children have also been supportive, and without their support, would not have made it as far as I have in the business world.