NTID Alumni Association

NTID Alumni Association BoardThe RIT/NTID Alumni Association is alive and well! In addition to providing leadership for alumni events, in 2001 the association created the NTID Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund to support new students each year who need financial assistance. Many of us have received financial help in the past and this is our chance to help those who follow us. Make a tax deductible gift to this scholarship fund.

How to Get Involved

Do you have the enthusiasm, commitment and drive to serve as a member of the NTID Alumni Association Board of Directors (NTIDAABOD)?

We are looking for alumni with a strong commitment to RIT/NTID to help lead our Alumni Association into the future! If you're interested in becoming part of the NTIDAABOD, complete and submit the self-nomination form below.

Alumni board membership means involvement in all aspects of alumni activities, both on and off campus. Board members are involved in the planning and execution of NTID reunions. They also play a vital role in the support of our growing association of Alumni Chapters through their involvement in our admission, co-op and career services, community service and fundraising programs.

Alumni board membership means commitment to NTID. The Board represents the entire Alumni Association within the RIT/NTID community and advises the college on all matters pertaining to alumni. Its responsibilities go beyond ceremonial participation. The board strives to reflect our diverse population of alumni, seeking balance in gender, race, geographical, generational and degree program representation. Led by elected officers, the board meets two times annually. Committee meetings may occur at other times throughout the year, and may be conducted by video conference. Committee work is key to a board member's commitment, and the various committees closely parallel alumni activities both on and off campus. Current and prospective board members are expected to donate to RIT/NTID on a regular basis. A board member's term of office is three years.  Members are responsible for their own travel and food expenses.

Nominations will be accepted year-round and reviewed as needed to fill open positions.

Nominees will be asked to submit a resume and a letter of intent that describes, in detail, their involvement with RIT/NTID-related activities since they left campus.

Self Nomination Form
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