Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Curriculum Support Coordinator

  • B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology, Multidsciplinary Studies, 2008

Richard "Smitty" Smith is a native Rochesterian who began learning sign language in high school. He began his interpreting career in 1978 and has worked for NTID for 30 years as an interpreter, an interpreter coordinator, and currently serves as ASLIE’s curriculum support coordinator.

Smitty supports the interpreting labs, develops curricular materials, tutors interpreting students, and works on special projects.

Smitty has extensive interpreting experience in a variety of settings and has taught interpreting courses for ASLIE and conducted workshops locally and around the country.


Tutoring ASL/English Interpreting; interpreting 12-Step recovery programs; digital video and audio


Comprehensive Skills Certificate (CSC) from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf since 1983