Certificate in Educational Interpreting


The National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a college of the Rochester Institute of Technology is pleased to announce the development of a new educational program: The Certificate of Educational Interpreting (CEI). This educational certificate is being designed by NTID Faculty Kevin Williams. Williams is also the co-author of the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment. Williams continues in the area of EIPA assessment and is one of nation’s most prominent authorities in the area of educational interpreting and D/HOH students.

The CEI is a 9-month series of non-credit coursework and skill building. The course consists of a one-week, on-site training at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. Face-to-face learning objectives include: Creating cohort relationships, conveying CEI pedagogic expectations, engaging in learning/assessment theory, learning from Deaf individuals regarding their ‘interpreted’ K-12 education experience, as well as creating a philosophy of ‘best practices’ in K-12 settings.

The remainder of the CEI coursework will be offered via on-line instruction. The CEI will offer general training essential for all educational interpreters, as well learning and skill-development via a dual-track design. This dual-track design will allow practitioners to focus on content and skills relevant to the either the Elementary setting or Secondary setting. This design is also meant to support practitioners taking their EIPA assessment in either the Elementary or the EIPA Secondary version.

The CEI -- What it's NOT

  • Not for entry level interpreters (no experience)
  • Not meant to teach SL vocabulary (although lexical learning will take place during the program)
  • A guarantee that participants will ‘pass’ an ensuing EIPA in order to meet their state's EIPA standard
  • Does not focus on child/teen signing. However, exposure and use of ASL WILL be a significant component of the CEI.

The CEI -- What it IS

  • Meant for working EI's with an EIPA 3.0 or above.
  • Focused on interpreting from English to sign language
  • Will require a significant degree of commitment, introspection and determination
  • Designed in a pedagogically solid manner to maximize skill learning and skill transferal
  • Does require membership in the NAIE.
  • Will solidly provide instruction and application of skills as assessed in both the EIPA performance and written tests.

Requirements for CEI program entry

  • NAIE membership (valid through the duration of the CEI)
  • EIPA assessment within the last 2 years of application
  • EIPA results must be submitted with application
  • EIPA retesting must be completed within a 4-month period following the successful completion of the certificate program.
  • Scores of the EIPA re-test are to be submitted to the CEI Director within 7 days of receiving assessment results from the EIPA Diagnostic Center, Boys Town National Research Hospital. EIPA re-test results will be used solely for the review and determination of program (CEI) efficacy.


If you are interested in further developments of this outstanding learning opportunity, email Kevin.Williams@rit.edu.