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HLTH-700 - Research Methods

This is an introductory graduate-level survey course on research design/ methods and analysis. The course provides a broad overview of the process and practices of social research in service-related contexts. Content includes principles and techniques of research design, sampling, data collection, and analysis including the nature of evidence, types of research, defining research questions, sampling techniques, data collection, data analysis, issues concerning human subjects and research ethics, and challenges associated with conducting research in real-world contexts. The analysis component of the course provides an understanding of statistical methodology used to collect and interpret data found in research as well as how to read and interpret data collection instruments. Lecture 3, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

HLTH-710 - Health Governance and Economics

This course will review how health care law is created and promulgated from policy to regulations. Examination of specific laws that govern all health care in the USA will be reviewed as well as discussion of regulatory dynamics, the legislative process and regulatory trends in the United States. Emphasis will be placed on strategy development to respond to regulations including advocacy as a response to regulation interpretation and enforcement. Health economics overview will include an explanation of how health care economics are unique in the world of economics and who the major stakeholders are within health care economics including their motivation and reward systems. Given this knowledge strategies will be developed to deal with real and hypothetical challenges facing health care today from a legal and economic perspective. Lecture 3, Credits 3 (Spring)

HLTH-723 - Human Resources in Health Care

This course focuses on the changing competitive health care environmentthat has made human capital an organizations key asset, with HR largely responsible for cultivating it. Specifically, students will learn the impact that human capital has on the HR division and function of health care organizations. The focus will be on how the New HR has become more strategic and fundamental to a health care organizations success and the need to meet the demands of highly skilled, educated and credentialed health care professionals. Lecture 3, Credits 3 (Spring)