Photo of man on bed in exam room with doctor and interpreterThe program begins with a one-week on-campus Professional Seminar during the first week of June each year. This course consists of pre-readings, 40 hours of classroom instruction and assignments to be completed after the on-campus sessions. The course is designed to deliver crucial introductory content and create connections that build trust and rapport among classmates. This initial connection promotes student engagement in the reflection-based components of the MSHCI program. The Professional Seminar course establishes the theoretical parameters that you are expected to follow in case analysis and establishes a framework for conducting online discussions in safe and confidential ways.

The remaining coursework is taken online.It is estimated that each course will require 9-12 hours per week for class assignments. Course materials will be delivered via both synchronous and asynchronous methods. In your final semester, you will complete a capstone project consisting of either a research paper or project.

MSHCI Full-time course sequence effective for the incoming class 2019-20:

MSCHI Part-time course sequence: