Study Abroad Opportunities


NTID's Department of American Sign Language and English Interpretation and the Institute for Sign Language and Deaf Studies at Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands operate an international collaborative program to provide opportunities for education, research and intellectual exchange.

Every fall semester, Hogeschool Utrecht sends several interpreting students to RIT/NTID to study with faculty and students for 10 weeks. In late May/early June, up to eight students in RIT/NTID's interpreting program are selected to represent RIT/NTID and study for five weeks with the faculty and students at Hogeschool Utrecht.

In addition to the student exchange program, RIT/NTID and the Hogeschool Utrecht also conduct a faculty exchange program. At least one faculty member from RIT/NTID is invited to teach American Sign Language and American Deaf Culture at Hogeschool Utrecht for approximately four weeks in January. In spring, Hogeschool Utrecht sends one of their faculty members to RIT/NTID to present Netherlands Deaf Culture and history and teach Netherlands Sign Language to RIT/NTID students in the interpreting program who have been selected to go to Holland later that same year.

As a student in the ASL-English Interpretation Program, you will meet students and faculty from the Netherlands and learn about their culture. If you are selected for the exchange program, you will have the opportunity to experience a different language and culture in Holland and compare and contrast issues faced by interpreters and deaf people in Holland with those experienced in the United States.

This international collaborative effort is a unique experience that allows you to develop new social and global perspectives. You won’t get this experience anywhere else!


Students in the ASL-English Interpretation Program may participate in the Siena School's Summer Deaf Studies Program in Siena, Italy.

This exciting three-week summer program offers signers an opportunity to engage in a "deaf world" that expands beyond America. This immersion program provides ASL users with a fresh perspective on ASL as a visual and spatial language. Additionally, students take basic Italian, providing them a tool to better navigate life in the city of Siena.

The program includes courses in LIS (Italian Sign Language), Italian Deaf Culture & History and Italian Language.