Technological Requirements for Admitted Students

Having your own laptop computer makes it much more convenient for you to record your video assignments. If you choose to use a laptop, smartphone or tablet computer, you will need either a built-in camera or an external Web cam. You will need high-speed internet access to view and submit files. Wi-Fi is available throughout campus, but if you live off campus you will have to arrange for internet access.

Your device needs software (or apps) that allow you to:

  • View and print PDF, PowerPoint and MS Word files
  • Record video and audio
  • Play videos in MP4, QuickTime (.mov) and Windows Media Video (.wmv) formats

You can purchase a computer now or wait until you arrive at RIT. You may want to check out the RIT Digital Den, which offers competitive pricing on both software and computers.

You will need a USB flash drive to save some of your work. We recommend one that has at least 4 GB of memory.