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Athlete Profiles

Varsity Athlete Profiles

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Sodiq Alaraba
Track and Field
Sodiq Alaraba photo with arms crossed over orange RIT t-shirt looking directly into camera
Michael Barton
Women’s Volleyball, Setter/Opposite Hitter (manager)
Michael Barton photo wearing grey RIT jersey, holding basketball on shoulder
Ronnie Caccese
Track and Field/ Shot put and discus
Victoria Covell
Cross Country
Victoria Covell photo, hair in braids, wearing orange RIT jersey, with sneakers tied and hanging from around her neck
Francesca Cusato
Photo coming soon message
Ethan Ettienne
Track and Field: throwing/shot put, discus and hammer
Ethan Ettienne photo, wearing orange t-shirt, with hands on sneakers slung from around his neck
Faith Falco
Track & Field/ long distance runner
Faith Falco photo, wearing RIT tiger/1829 tank top, with hands on sneakers slung from around her neck
Madison Givens
Madison Givens photo, wearing orange long sleeve RIT jersey and orange chearleader skirt, with arms up in the air in a cheer
Malakia Gowan
Track and Field: shot put, disc
Photo of Malakia Gowan, head scarf, wearing RIT Track/Field jersey, arms crossed, facing camera and smiling
Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson photo, long reddish blond hair, wearing grey RIT t-shirt under brown RIT zippered jacket, with her hands in the jacket pockets
Otto Kingstedt
TF/XC long distance
Otto Kingstedt photo in running pose, wearing orange RIT jersey, and orange sneakers slung over his shoulder
August Koehler
Photo coming soon message
Emily Lederman
Swimming, IM/Backstroke
Emily Lederman photo wearing brown zippered RIT jacket, and arms crossed across chest
Bradley Morissette
Track and Field: Jumps
Bradley Morissette photo, dark jacket with RIT logo on one side, with hands on track shoes slung from around his neck
Nicole O'Donnell
Softball/First Base
Photo coming soon message
Marlena Rauber
Cheerleading/Cheerleader (alternate)
Marlena Rauber photo, smiling, long reddish hair, wearing orange RIT jersey and cheerleader skirt, with hand on hip
Dominic Ricchio
Swimming: Sprints and Freestyle
Dominic Ricchio photo leaning back and smiling, wearing grey RIT swimming t-shirt, and with arms crossed over chest
Ernesto Rodriguez
Women’s Volleyball / Manager
Ernesto Rodriguez photo wearing grey RIT volleyball t-shirt, with volleyball thrown up into the air from one hand
Cullen Shade
Wrestling, 149 weight class
Cullen Shade photo, curly hair gathering up over his head, wearing 2 tone brown zipper jacket with arms crossed over chest
Britney Strong
Photo coming soon message
Emily Thiel
Women's Soccer
Photo coming soon message
Baylee Trani
Ice Hockey/ Forward
Baylee Trani photo, wearing RIT Tigers hockey t-shirt and hockey gloves/mitts, and holding hockey stick upright
Andre Webster
Men's Crew, Port/Starboard
Andre Webster photo, wearing RIT tank-top, smiling with arms crossed over chest
Mia White
Mia White photo, wearing brown RIT soccer t-shirt, holding soccer ball in front of her, and with volleyball shoes slung over her shoulder
Michael Yi
Men’s Crew/Port/Starboard
Michael Yi photo, glasses, wearing brown RIT tiger t-shirt, with arms crossed over chest
Tim Zabel
Track and Field
Tim Zabel photo, 3/4 facing camera, wearing grey RIT jersey