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Crushing the winter blues

March 21, 2017

I’ve noticed that, after the 81mph winds, a few days of snowing, and cold weather, everyone’s getting a strong dose of winter right when spring is starting.

After talking to co-workers, students and locals, I noticed that they’re all having a hard time getting after it. The barrage of subpar weather really did a number. As a result, everyone’s having a hard time getting out of bed, being focused, getting things done on time, and so on. Here’s a couple of tips to help you get back in the game, even with the gray skies.

Just do it!

I learned this tip not long ago, and I wish I knew it earlier! If you have something that can be done in five minutes or less, do it! I tend to blow off the silliest things from time to time, and then over time it becomes a pain in the neck. After I saw that suggestion, my productivity jumped, and I was able to relax after crossing off another task on my to-do list. So if you have an errand to run in the dorms, or an online survey to fill out…just get it over with. You’ll feel a lot better.

Don’t look outside.

As sad as that might have sounded, it works. The gloom and doom of the gray skies outside won’t do anyone any favors. Get your work done somewhere with no windows. An ideal spot could be in the locker room, or somewhere in the middle of a building. You’ll be surprised by how much energy you’ll preserve being inside and not letting things like the weather get to you. But once you’re done with all the necessary work, go do what you want to do.

It will end!

I see a lot of people moaning and tweeting things like “When will this snow end? When will winter end?” I can absolutely relate to that. I’ve thought and said things like that. But things will end. The snow will melt. The thermostat will rise. The sun will come out. In the meanwhile, keep working hard!