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Cullen Shade

Cullen Shade

Sport/Position: Wrestling, 149 weight class

Year: Sophomore (2nd year)

Major: Psychology

Hometown/State: Whiting, Indiana

Why did you pick RIT/NTID? I picked RIT/NTID because it’s a place where I could feel equally involved within the community of hearing and deaf people. Diversity is what I like, which is what RIT/NTID consists of. RIT/NTID is also a place where people can be successful, and have their achievements put them on track to better future. I wanted to be part of that kind of success here at a world renowned, top-ranked university.

Clubs/Activities: I wish I could be more involved in clubs and activities, but my priorities are my classes and wrestling

Hobbies/Interests outside of athletics: When I do have free time, my hobbies include: playing baseball, socializing with friends, dancing, working out, bike riding, listening to music, and more. My interests include: fashion, history technology, music, sports, and more.

What’s the best part about being here as a RIT/NTID student-athlete? The best part about being here as an RIT/NTID student-athlete is the amazing and difficult experiences of time management I get to face with wrestling, workouts, classes, homework, socializing, tutoring, and more. It’s a way of elevating my performance to be actively involved with things that require time management throughout college year. Not only that, it helps me get ready for my future to deal with time management situations in college.

Favorite on-campus food spot: Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina in Global Village is my favorite on-campus food spot.

Where do you do your homework? I do my homework in my room in the residence hall and at the Ritz Sports Zone with the wrestling team for study sessions.

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring? If I was stuck on an island, the three things I would bring are: baseball gear, plaid/flannel shirts, and Arizona Arnold Palmer Half & Half Iced Tea/Lemonade drinks.

Hidden talent: Dancing has been my hidden talent for years. Specifically, I dance solo and freestyle often in connection with Dubstep.

What’s your life motto? "A fulfilling life includes understanding how to satisfy one’s life and others’ lives with happiness and purpose."

Cullen Shade photo, curly hair gathering up over his head, wearing 2 tone brown zipper jacket with arms crossed over chest