Individual Advisement Plan

Every student who transitions from the quarter to the semester system will receive an Individualized Advisement Plan for the transition. The IAP will be developed during a meeting between the student and his/her academic advisor. It will help students understand how calendar conversion could have an impact on their current academic program. The IAP will show what quarter-based courses and what semester-based courses will be required for the student to complete his/her current degree program. IAPs will only be developed for those students who will be directly affected by the transition to semesters.

While the IAP will list the course requirements for a student’s current degree program, history shows that many of our students do not follow the exact sequence of courses as specified in typical course outlines.

The IAP is for internal use only and will not be distributed to anyone other than the student for whom it is prepared. The IAP is not to be considered a contract between the student and the institute, and it will not limit the options for students to seek more advanced degrees.

The IAP process will begin in spring 2012 for students in associate degree programs and in fall 2012 for students in bachelor’s degree programs.