The following institutions are participating in this project: このプロジェクトには以下の団体が参加しています:

[img_assist|nid=161|title=NTID|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=66] The National Technical Institute for the Deaf, home of PEN-International, is one of eight colleges of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York, USA, where more than 1,400 students who are deaf or hard of hearing are educated along with 15,000 hearing RIT students. NTID is the largest technical college for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the world. Deaf/hard-of-hearing graduates of RIT enter professional positions that are commensurate with their training in industry, business, education and government, a placement rate of 92%.

PEN-Internationalの本部がある国立ろう工科大学(National Technical Institute for the Deaf)は、米国ニューヨーク州ロチェスター市にあるロチェスター工科大学(RIT)の8学部のうちの一学部で、1400人を超えるろうおよび難聴の学生が15000人のRITの健聴学生と共に教育を受けています。NTIDは世界最大のろうおよび難聴学生のための工科大学です。RITのろう/難聴の卒業生は、産業界、ビジネス社会、教育界および政府機関でそれぞれの教育に相応しい職に就いており、就職率は92パーセントです。

[img_assist|nid=164||title=PEN-International|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=66]PEN-International is a multinational partnership of colleges and universities worldwide, managed by NTID. The goal of PEN-International is to improve and expand postsecondary education for deaf and hard-of-hearing students around the world by sharing new educational technologies, conducting faculty development and training, constructing state-of-the-art multimedia labs at partner institutions, sponsoring student cross-cultural exchanges at the postsecondary level, and disseminating network and program information worldwide. Given PEN-International's experience and expertise in international relations and developing training activities as regards education of the deaf, it is uniquely qualified and equipped to undertake this project.


[img_assist|nid=162|title=Rochester School for the Deaf|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=66]The Rochester School for the Deaf, founded in 1876, is one of the oldest and most pretigious institutions of its kind in the United States. Located in a city known for having the highest per capita deaf population in the country, the school offers a wide array of educational and support services to 121 children who are deaf and hard of hearing. These include in-home and on-site early intervention services for newborns through age five, a full-day academic program for children enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12, a Monday through Friday residential program for 24 children, an after-school tutoring program, an employment preparation program, and a very active competitive sports program. The school graduated nine seniors in 2009, five of whom entered college last fall; four pursued employment or vocational training opportunities.

ロチェスターろう学校 は1876年に創立され、この種の機関としては米国で最も古く高名な学校です。一人当たりのろう人口が米国で一番多い町として知られているロチェスターに位置しており、ろう、難聴の児童生徒121人に様々な教育や支援サービスを提供しています。これらには、新生児から5歳までの在宅および現地での初期教育的介入サービス、幼稚園から12年生までの全日制のアカデミックプログラム、児童生徒24人の月曜から金曜までの寄宿プログラム、放課後の個別指導プログラム、就職準備プログラム、そして大変活発なスポーツプログラムなどが含まれます。2009年の卒業生は9人で、5人は昨秋大学に進学し、4人は就職活動または職業訓練の道に進みました。

[img_assist|nid=163|title=Tokyo Metropolitan chuo School for the Deaf|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=66]The Tokyo Metropolitan chuo School for the Deaf was established to address an 'affirmative action'-type movement currently taking place in Japan. This includes expanding educational and career opportunities for students with disabilities and providing opportunities and the means for deaf and hard-of-hearing students to qualify for admission to competitive colleges, universities and trade schools in Japan. In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Plan for the Education of Students with Special Needs (November 2004), Tokyo Metropolitan Chuo School for the Deaf has a six-year curriculum - three years of junior high school and three years of high school - to prepare its deaf students to qualify for admission to higher education institutions.

東京都立中央ろう学校 は、現在日本で起こっている「差別撤廃措置」的な運動に取り組むために設立されました。これには障害のある生徒たちへの教育や職業の機会の拡大や、競争の激しい日本の大学や職業学校へ入学できるようろう、難聴生徒への機会や手段の提供が含まれます。特別支援教育推進計画(2004年11月)に従い、東京都立中央ろう学校は6年間のカリキュラム―中学校3年間、高校3年間―で、ろう生徒が高等教育機関入学の資格を得る準備をします。