Student Journals 学生のジャーナル

SEEDS アンケート

1. I participated to it because I wanted to learn about American culture and I wanted to compete in Deaflympics to see how much communication skills I acquired.
2. It went smoothly thanks to the American members.
3. We had a lot of opportunities to think about various things when we visited Rochester School for the Deaf and I wanted the American students to experience a lot of things as well.
4. We couldn’t feel their desire to learn JSL.
5. I am sure the American students enjoyed Japanese culture.
6. I was very glad to visit Rochester School for the Deaf and to be able to learn about American culture.
7. I did not have many opportunities to communicate because I do not understand ASL.
8. I should have learned ASL before I visited America.

SEEDS プロジェクトについて~アンケート~

About SEEDS Project – Survey

1. I wanted to be involved in the SEEDS project because…

  • I participated in it because I wanted to broaden my view.
  • I wanted to know how they educate hearing impaired.
  • I thought it is relevant to my future dream.

2. After the first videoconference I felt…

  • Since we met for the first time, the tension was not eased. But it made us look forward to meeting them more.
  • We learned each other’s characteristics, so it became easier to come up with questions after that.

3. Before the American students came to Tokyo….