Videoconferences ビデオ会議

Videoconference 1

The first videoconference took place at 7:00 AM eastern standard time on November 5, 2011. At each school, four students were in attendance, along with two sign language interpreters, one spoken language translator, a faculty leader, a liaison, various technical people. Additionally, Mr. Minoru Yoshida, project coordinator for the Nippon foundation and Mr. David Janes, the director of foundation grants & assistant to the president of the United States-Japan Foundation were in attendance. The students at the Rochester School led this first conference for the Deaf and the topic was “Deaf Culture and Language”. Alexis Petz led the discussion and moderated the turn taking between the two venues. After brief introductions of everyone in attendance, Alexis asked all the students in Japan and the US to introduce themselves by telling their age, grade in school, favorite subject in school, and whether they were dorm or day students. Physical Education and English were the two most popular subjects. Next, all the students were asked to talk about their families, whether they had other Deaf people in their families, what schools they had attended and their communication preferences. Then they talked about what sports and hobbies they were interested in and how they felt about being involved with the SEEDS-International project. As the videoconference proceeded, the students became more and more enthusiastic about communicating with each other and getting to know more about one another’s cultures. They asked questions about learning American Sign Language and Japanese Sign Language. Both groups are anxious to meet in person and they are starting to plan what they will do and places they will visit when each group goes to the other’s country. The videoconference was a success and accomplished its purpose of introducing each group of students to the other, sharing interests and understanding the similarities and difference of Deaf Culture in each country.

第1回のテレビ会議は2010年11月5日午前7時(東部標準時)に行われた。それぞれの学校で4人の生徒が参加し、さらに手話通訳2人、口語通訳1人、教員リーダー、連絡担当者、技術関係者数人が参加した。加えて、日本財団のプロジェクトコーティネーターの吉田稔さん、米日財団の財団助成金局長兼副理事長アシスタントのDavid Janesさんも列席した。
ロチェスターろう学校の生徒が、ろう学生のための会議の第1回をリードし、主題は「ろう文化と言語」だった。Alexis Petzが議論を主導し、二校間での発言順の調整をした。出席者全員の短い紹介の後、Alexisが日本、アメリカ双方の生徒に自己紹介するよう求め、年齢、学年、好きな教科、寮生か通学生かを聞いた。体育と英語が最も人気のある教科だった。
次に生徒全員が、家族について、家族にろう者がいるかどうか、これまでどの学校に出席したか、そしてよく使うコミュニケーション方法について話すよう求められた。その後、どんなスポーツや趣味に興味があるかやSEEDS Internationalプロジェクトへの参加についてどう思っているかを話し合った。

Videoconference 2

The second videoconference between the students from the Tokyo Metropolitan Chuo School for the Deaf and the Rochester School for the Deaf was held on December 17, 2010 at 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time and 9:00 PM Japanese time. At the Nippon Foundation, four students from TMCD, along with their parents, three Japanese sign language interpreters, their faculty leader, and two TMCD teachers were present. In the Learning Resource Center at the Rochester School for the Deaf, three students, two ASL interpreters and the faculty leader were present. Ms. Nora Shannon, the project leader for the SEEDS project and Mr. Minoru Yoshida, project coordinator for the Nippon Foundation were also in attendance. This videoconference was a bit different from the first in that the students had already become somewhat acquainted during the first one and everyone was much more at ease. At this point we all knew that the technology would work and that the times were compatible. Another difference in this teleconference was the presence of the parents of the Japanese students as observers. So this session began by having the Japanese students introduce their parents. The pride on the part of both the parents and the students was visible across the miles. テレビ会議2 東京都立中央ろう学校とロチェスターろう学校の生徒による第2回のテレビ会議は2010年12月17日午前7時(東部標準時)、午後9時(日本標準時)に行われた。 日本財団には、TMCDの生徒4人とその父兄、日本手話通訳3人、教員リーダー、TMCDの教員2人が集まった。ロチェスターろう学校のLearning Resource Centerからは、生徒3人、アメリカ手話通訳2人、教員リーダーが出席した。プロジェクト・リーダーのNora Shannonさんと日本財団のプロジェクト・コーディネーターの吉田稔さんも列席した。 このテレビ会議は第1回の会議とは多少違っていて、第1回会議で生徒たちもすでにお互い多少知り合っており、全員がよりくつろいだ雰囲気だった。この時点では技術的には機能することや時間帯も双方に都合がよいことがわかっていた。もう一つの相違点は、この会議では日本の生徒の父兄が参観者として出席していたことである。なのでこの回は、日本側の生徒が父兄を紹介することから始まった。父兄、生徒両者の誇りは、遠方からも見て取れた。 東京都立中央ろう学校の生徒が議論をリードし、議題は「アメリカと日本におけるろう教育」だった。進行役は石井光恵。最初に生徒全員に教育とコミュニケーションのバックグラウンドを聞いた。生徒たちはどこの学校に通ったか、様々な状況でどんなコミュニケーション方法が使われているかを具体的に話した。生徒一人一人の経験談は違っていた。 一人一人の話を聞いた後生徒たちは、間近に迫ったアメリカ旅行について話した。この旅行では、全員が「RSDファミリー」関係のホストファミリーと滞在することになっている。 太平洋を挟む双方の生徒たちは、目前のアメリカ旅行にとても熱中していた。 The students from the Tokyo Metropolitan Chuo School for the Deaf led the discussion and the topic was “Deaf Education in America and Japan”. The facilitator was Mitsui Ishii. She began by asking all the students to tell about their educational and communication backgrounds. The students told specifically where they had gone to school and what kind of communication had been used in the various settings. Each student’s story was unique. After hearing each story, the students chatted about the upcoming trip to the US where everyone will be staying with host families who are part of the “RSD family”. The students on both sides of the Pacific are very enthusiastic about the upcoming trip to the US.

Videoconference 3

Due to the earthquake in Japan in March and its aftermath, it was impossible to find an agreeable time to hold Videoconference #3.