Committee CompositionFaculty RepresentativePhotoTerm Ending
ASL & Interpreting Education

Sandra Bradley

Portrait of Sandra Bradley 2021
Business Studies Adriana Kulakowski Portrait of Adriana Kulakowski 2020
Communication Studies and Services Catherine Clark Portrait of Catherine Clark 2022
Cultural and Creative Studies

Patti Durr Portrait of Patti Durr 2021
Engineering Studies Marcus Holmes Portrait of Marcus Holmes 2022
Information and Computing Studies Tao Eng Portrait of Tao Eng 2020
Liberal Studies Jennifer Gravitz Portrait of Jennifer Gravitz 2020
Master of Science in Secondary Education Jessica Trussell - Chair Portrait of Jessica Trussell 2021
Science & Math Austin Gehret - Communications Officer Portrait of Austin Gehret 2019
Science & Math Bonnie Jacob Portrait of Bonnie Jacob 2022
Visual Communications Studies Ed Mineck Portrait of Ed Mineck 2021
At-Large Representative Mark Rosica - Vice-Chair Portrait of Mark Rosica 2020