How do I sign up for audiology services?
Come to The Shop on the third floor in the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Hall #60, Room 3130 (campus map). Bring your weekly schedule so you can make an appointment with an available audiologist during your free time.

If my hearing aid or cochlear implant breaks, can I get it repaired on campus?
Yes, we can do many repairs on campus. If we can’t make the repair here, we can send your hearing instrument to the manufacturer for repair under warranty, depending on the age of the instrument, or we can talk to you about the cost of getting a repair through NTID.

How do I get a new hearing aid at NTID?
According to law, your most recent hearing test needs to be within the past six months. A current hearing test also ensures that you are fitted with hearing aids that are most appropriate for you. There is no charge for a hearing test for registered students, faculty, staff.  For dependents, members of OSHER, and NTID alumni there is a $25 fee for hearing tests.

After your hearing test, the audiologist will discuss recommendations with you. You will talk about a variety of options such as earmold style, hearing aid style and analog vs digital circuitry. You’ll also discuss whether one or two hearing aids would give you the best result and talk about the process and appointments required for completing the evaluation and getting the hearing aids. The audiologist also will discuss the cost of new hearing aids at NTID.

Is there a charge for audiology services?
Audiology faculty and staff provide services to all registered RIT students, faculty and staff at no charge. For other members of the RIT community (dependents of faculty and staff, members of OSHER, and NTID alumni), there is a $25 fee per service.

What kind of cochlear implant services do you offer?
We offer a variety of cochlear implant services. Cochlear implant candidacy evaluations, mappings, equipment troubleshooting, listening, speechreading and implant upgrade information are available. You can sign up for these services at the Shop on the third floor in the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Hall #60, Room 3130. You can also purchase cochlear implant batteries, replacement cords and other accessories at the Shop.

If you'd like to meet and socialize with students and faculty/staff who have cochlear implants, networking opportunities are available through cochlear implant group meetings and the CI Mentorship Program. The CI Mentorship Program matches newly implanted students and/or students new to RIT/NTID with faculty, staff or upperclassmen who are experienced users.

How much does a hearing aid cost at NTID?
Hearing aids vary in cost and are available for purchase from multiple manufacturers. The audiologist will explain the cost of the hearing aid(s) he or she is recommending at the time of the hearing test. When you schedule the hearing aid evaluation, you must pay a deposit which is non-refundable and is applied toward the final cost of the hearing aid(s).  The balance of the cost for the hearing aid (s) is due by the last scheduled appointment. The final price is determined largely by the kind of technology that you prefer (analog or digital) and the special features that you want (multiple programs, Bluetooth compatibility, directional microphones). We accept cash, check, Tiger Bucks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, approved Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) payments, and RIT’s Excellus BC/BS health insurance (Blue Point2 POS A).

Can I buy batteries, earmolds, etc. on campus?
Yes, you can! Simply stop by the Shop on the third floor in the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Hall #60, Room 3130 during open hours. Please be prepared to pay with cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Tiger Bucks.

Can I borrow an FM from NTID?
Yes, FM units are available for loan free of charge. Stop by the Audiology Center, on the third floor in the Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Hall #60, Room 3130, to make an appointment to be fit with a unit. You may borrow a unit for the semester or for the full academic year. In some cases, you may borrow an FM unit for your co-op work experience.

Does RIT have classroom sound field FM systems installed?
Yes. RIT has installed FM systems in a number of venues throughout the campus to enhance auditory access for people who use hearing aids and cochlear implants. The list of RIT venues with sound field FM systems includes general classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums and theaters. Students who have borrowed personal FM systems from CSS can utilize the FM capabilities in all of these rooms by bringing their personal receivers. Others can borrow a receiver on site at the location listed on the signage outside the venue (e.g. box office, sound control booth, HelpDesk). Receivers are loaned free of charge; users are required to leave a driver's license or picture ID.

When are audiology services available?
The Audiology Center is open year-round, with full clinic services and hours following the academic calendar and reduced hours offered during summer months.  Changes to hours and services are posted on Facebook. 

What audiology services do you offer?
We offer a full array of audiology services: hearing tests, new hearing aid fittings, CI consultations and mappings, hearing aid checks, auditory training and speechreading (lipreading) training and FM fittings. We also offer ENT and eye clinics on a monthly basis.